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CBI questions Indrani’s daughter Vidhie in Sheena Bora murder case

The CBI on Friday questioned Vidhie, daughter of Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna, in connection with the Sheena Bora murder case. Indrani’s husband Peter Mukerjea was also questioned for the second time by the agency.

According to sources, Vidhie was questioned about the emails she had allegedly received from Sheena Bora after her death. Accused Indrani Mukerjea had allegedly asked a former employee to create an email id for Sheena claiming that she was facing some problems in USA to create the ID.

After Sheena’s death, Indrani had reportedly claimed that Sheena had moved to the United States and had settled there. “Indrani impersonated as Sheena had sent two emails each to Peter, Mekhail and Vidhie. We wanted her to identify those emails,” a senior official said.

Vidhie was also questioned if her real father (Sanjeev Khanna) had made any attempts to meet her on April 24, 2012. Khanna had claimed that he was in Mumbai to meet his daughter Vidhie who now lives with Peter and Indrani in their residence in Marlow apartments in Worli.

Vidhie was adopted by Peter after marrying Indrani in 2002. The agency has also questioned Rahul, Sheena’s fiancee who is the elder son of Peter Mukerjea from his first wife.

Rahul has told investigators that the two were scheduled to get married in late 2012 against the will of his step mother but in April 2012 Sheena went ‘missing’ and had sent a couple of text messages to him stating that she had ended her relationship with him and was in a relationship with somebody else in USA.

The CBI suspects blackmail and jealously to be the primary motives behind the murder. “From the preliminary interrogation of Indrani and the other two accused it looks like Indrani wanted to kill Sheena and Mekhail after the two started blackmailing her and threatening to expose their real relationship with her in the social circuits in which Indrani used to move around. Indrani used to introduce them as her younger siblings when the two in reality were her own children” said the source.

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