Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Chidambaram’s free hit go waste

When it comes to patriotism, it should be ultimate and supreme as our brother soldiers are sacrificing their life for the sake of nation. These politicians are fooling the innocent citizens, amassing wealth for the elections, to fight their case in the court of law and also for the next 5 generations by illegal means. According to PC the anti-national slogans are not sedition. Then he should have explained the meaning of sedition? If such slogans are permitted just under impression that Muslims are affected what happens in Kashmir but also elsewhere in India? P. Chidambaram quoted Dadri. Now if Dadri incident can be identified as the cause of slogans for Kashmiris then what about the murders of Kashmiri Hindus? Chidambaram finds convenient to look at the negative side of the police action. He should instead focus on the positive side of police. LTTE was not against India. He forgot this. He linked LTTE examples simply because the outfit attacked Rajiv Gandhi for his immature action to favour Sri Lanka. Chidambaram why do you stop where you had to start? Define sedation? Can Hizbul Mujahideen Chief Syed Salahuddin be accused of sedition? The rules are twisted according to the ruling party and the former finance minister is an expert in this field. His free hit goes simply waste and there are no takers.

C.K. Ramani

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