Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Class of an innings by Kohli

I have never seen an innings of Virat’s class that he played few days back. That was something out of this world and had catapulted him to No.1 in this World. It was a breathtaking innings. No gimmicks at all, no reverse sweeps, no flicks, no scoops, and all copy book strokes, deft placements. Real genius he was. Amazing statistics and he has never played for them like Demi gods of cricket before him did. Saving the team from crisis day in and day out has come to him as natural as his free and classic Stroke play. I predicted this long back that teams like NZ and India and WI and England will clash in the  semi-finals. And mark my words, it will be India and NZ who will fight for the cup in the finals, and Virat again it shall be who will help Dhoni lift the World Cup again. Kohli’s has entered Sports dictionary and is now synonymous for something outstanding, fabulous, out of the world.

C.K. Subramaniam

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