Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Clean India, rich India

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly highlighted the importance of cleanliness in his monthly talk to citizens through radio programme ‘Mann ki baat’ on March 27. If we all will keep our respective areas, streets, lanes, villages, towns, cities, bus and railway stations, ports, harbours, airports, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. crystal clean, without any wet or dry garbage, there will be minimum possibility of filthy smell as well as any minor or major disease. As a result, all our nationals will be healthy and live a very long life. Such cleanliness drive will also control TB to a very great extent. Consequently, our tourism industry will grow very rapidly, because people from all over the world will rush to visit India which has several languages, lifestyles, dresses, festivals and what not. In addition, tremendous increase in tourism, because of neat and clean India, will also increase the daily, monthly and yearly income of the guides, auto and taxi drivers, various shops, malls, hoteliers, grocers and a huge number of other persons and organisations connected with them or dependent on them directly or indirectly. As a fabulous result of cleanliness and tourism hand-in-hand together, the per capita income of a huge number of the Indians will soar tremendously. Hence, every Indian family will be very happy round the year, with zero economic problems. Thus, clean India can also become rich India very soon.


Hansraj Bhat

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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