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Conflict in AAP over tickets

Conflict-AAP-ticketsThe AamAadmi Partywhich was formed with an intention to fight issues like corruption and provide clean governance is plagued by infighting prevalent within the party. Party workers are unhappy with the Screening Committee’s decision to issue ticket to Satish Jain from north Mumbai constituency. The party which had opened its membership for the common man is not following transparency while allocating tickets to party members. As a result of this some party workers are not happy with the functioning of the senior leaders. The rift which was prevalent in Delhi is now being witnessed in Mumbai too.

Yesterday, AAP declared their fifth list for LokSabha comprising 56 names out of which 17 names belonged from Maharashtra.Satish Jain had worked with an eminent bank.Jain had played a vital role in exposing a scam involvingReliance.

AV possess a letter forwarded by party workers on 3rd March, 2014 to AAP leadersMayank Gandhi and Anjali Damania where they expressed their displeasure over the Satish Jain’s nomination from North Mumbai constituency.

In the letter, it wasmentioned that Satish Jain was allotted ticket due to his proximity with a member of the Maharashtra Unit of AAP.As a result of this deserving candidates were sidelined.

Sources from AAP spoke to AV and said, “Some deserving candidates were expecting to get nominated from the North Mumbai constituency. However, some party members who were close with Satish Jain started lobbying for him.Party members were upset after they noticed that some members had introduced Satish Jain as a candidate belonging to North Mumbai constituency which is not true.”

Here are some of the questions which were raised in the letter forwarded to senior party members for issuing ticket toSatish Jain.

1. After being rejected from north Central Mumbai constituency, he(Satish Jain) is being promoted as the candidate of Mumbai North but he has never worked from this constituency. Neither does this person possess any celebrity status like other candidates who were issued tickets.

2. There were many other candidates who had played a vital role in raising the electricity tariff issue. But Satish was nominated due to his close proximity with senior members of the party.

3. His (Satish Jain) lobbying was initiated by the convener behind closed doors rather than a public meeting, to create a soft corner for him in north. Such practice is prevalent in corrupt parties like Congress and BJP which is completely against the principles and code of conduct of AAP.

4. Satish Jain was said to have good rating, but for the Mumbai North Central constituency.

5. 600 signatures were not generated in support of his candidature from Mumbai North.

Many party workers unhappy after being denied tickets as they are planning to quit the party and alleged that favouritism exist in the party. The process of allotting tickets was all pre-planned as the common man was sidelined.

Mayank Gandhi, Maharashtra president of AAP downplayed the rift issue and said, “Internal conflicts keep on happening in the party. The party workers initially were not pleased but after the allotment of the tickets they are happy.”

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