Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Crime branch sleuth arrest man for cheating people on OLX

A 35-year-old man from Thane west has been arrested for duping people on OLX website. OLX is an online classifieds platform for used goods to be bought and sold. A man identified as Satpalsingh Jagmohansingh Waliya was who hails from Thane was held for duping people online.

The man used to approach car sellers online pretending to be a potential buyer interested in the proposal of the used goods. He would then take them into confidence and take the car on some false pretext. Walliya would then pose as a seller to other people and show them the car. He would then take the token money and convince them into depositing the rest money into bank account and then flee with the deposited money.

Satpalsingh Jagmohansingh Waliya has duped around three to four people in similar fashion. The joint commissioner of police crime, mentioned that a complaint about similar incident was registered against the man. He would visit the OLX website pretend to be a buyer and take the car under false pretense only to pose as a seller to other people and dupe them by fleeing with their money without closing any deal.

The police suspect multiple cases of such fraud against Satpalsingh Jagmohansingh Waliya. When the police came to know about such incident, they set a trap to arrest the person who was duping people online. The police arrested the man near the Crawford market. The Mulund Police station is seeking Waliya after a complaint was received against him for duping a person in return for Swift Desire car. He would be now handed over to the Mulund police.

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