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Defamation issue: Dance of democracy

In most of the case involving defamation charges, the cases are found to be real. The honourable Supreme Court has to make a qualitative differentiation between what is derogatory and what is not. But how far it is correct and how to teach lessons to detractors, who are on the rampage and going overboard on trivial matters. Better council could have prevailed in such sensitive matters. By exposing the State Head, we are giving leverage for more such chiding and that in turn will affect Government functioning smoothly.

It is a common practise that people criticise each other and in the process forget the ground rules of governance and scope for more defamation cases to follow.

Jayalalithaa became a victim of slander and it is not the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister alone who had to face such a ticklish position. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley too was dragged by Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal to court for defamation. Court may do slapping of defamation cases by TN Government and term it as not a healthy sign but that is not the real issue. In a landmark judgement the Supreme Court came heavily on J. Jayalalithaa and as a public servant one must face criticism in the regular functioning of the Government.  The argument hold good as nearly 213 defamation cases were filed by the TN Government and it looks somewhat odd to complain all the time. But at the same time it is not a good sign to criticise the official holding highest office of the State Government and treat him or her as an ordinary citizen. With the result the opposition will have an upper hand to poke at the nose under the pretext of pointing the mistake in one way or the other.  J. Jayalalithaa is a tough nut to crack and she will find an amicable method to keep her detractors to keep quiet. Defamation controversy opens up a new way of dealing with such bad elements and there is no court of law for that. Dance of democracy is dragged to court and such one sided verdict may open up the Pandora’s Box once again.

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