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Delhi government schools will install CCTV cameras

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Image: Agencies

The government schools in Delhi will soon install CCTV cameras and a live feed of the classroom will be shared with the parents. The Aam Aadmi Party 2019 announced that will be installing CCTV cameras in government schools.

As per the sources “The PWD is executing the project of construction of classrooms and schools and there is a plan of installing CCTVs in classrooms. There is also a plan to share the feed with the parents. This is all the education department’s brainchild we are merely executing it”.

In a report, officials have stated the live CCTV footage will be available for the parents and they will be given individual login credentials and passwords to access the CCTV  footage. The PWD will update students’ details and parents’ mobile numbers which will be collected and provided by all the government schools. Parents who have signed consent forms will be given access to the CCTV footage and login details for the same.

The sources stated “The move is aimed at ensuring the safety of students and also ensure transparency in the teaching system. The education department’s plan says that sharing feed with parents will ensure transparency and let them know what their kid is studying”.

As per the reports, a source stated “ After receiving all the consent forms from the parents and guardians the principal will collate all the details and submit them to PWD and then will upload it on the software”.

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