Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Deonar dumping drama

Second big fire in Deonar dumping ground is doused but it raises many questions about the pollution problem in the Metro city and the suburbs of Mumbai. As some miscreants play foul game in the fire engulfed on garbage dumping yard Garbage menace is causing lots of discomfort and the accumulation is causing many health diseases to bear as well. There is a complicity in disposing the wet and dry waste in the city. Despite the efforts of the citizen of Mumbai, BMC is finding it difficult to make sure that segregation work is done with utmost care. Both wet and dry garbage should be segregated and disposed off in separate bins supplied by the local corporators to each and every society. Deonar, Kanjurmarg and Mulund dumping yard bear the brunt of garbage from all the 24 wards and there is no scientific way to dispose them without causing health hazard to people. BMC’s incapability to handle garbage is causing a bottleneck and the defeat the very purpose of segregation. Deonar dumping drama continues to give the Mumbai citizens trying times.

Anandambal Subbu

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