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Despite being in power it is not our government, rues Sena

In what could further widen the chasm between allies Shiv Sena and BJP, Sena leader Sanjay Raut rued that though his party is in power, the government is not theirs and they are not part of the decision-making process.

He also hit out at Devendra Fadnavis following the alleged suicide by a Latur girl over poverty, saying the Chief Minister should have a hold over the administration.

Raut was speaking to media last evening after paying a visit to the family of 16-year old Swati Pitale, who committed suicide due to extreme poverty at a village in Latur.

“This is the party’s stand. Sanjay Raut and the party are no different. This is very disturbing. This (the suicide) is not something that makes seem a progressive Maharashtra in good light,” the Sena leader said.

“We are in the government, but the government is not ours. Several important portfolios that are involved in the decision making process for the state are not with the Sena,” he rued.

However, justifying the party being part of the government despite being sidelined, he said, “We fought against Congress and NCP, and because we did not want either of the parties to get another chance (to form the government). We are trying to save the government.”

Raut said that those (BJP) controlling portfolios like Revenue, Home, Finance, Agriculture, Education, Social Justice are running the government.

“If the previous government was doing good work, they would not have been voted out of power. We feel that this government needs to be saved.

“What is important is that how are the masses taking in whatever is happening. Work can be done in a far better way.

Sena has the most experience of running the state,” he said.

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