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Don’t become addicted to social media

Social Media Impacts on youth,social media, facebook, whatsapp, messenger, twitter, pinterest,instagram,snapchat,viber,imo,media,social sites, bad impacts ,children attracts towards social mediaSocial networking websites have become very popular nowadays. It has made the world a smaller place as one can connect with a large number of people. Thus geographical distance has become irrelevant after the advent of social media. Today it has become easier to like, share content with one’s friends. Gone are the days when people used to write letter to connect with others. On the other hand, youth are getting addicted to social networking sites. Today most of them have accounts on social media and they keep a tab on the posts of their friends. There is pressure on youth to comment, share and like their friends posts. They become psychologically upset if their photos are not liked by their friends.

Social media was formed to enable people to connect with each other. However its relevance has been lost as youth are getting obsessed with how many likes they get for their posts. Thus if youth are spending more time on social networking sites than meeting real people it means they are addicted to social media. Many of them waste their precious time on social media. They get angry and irritated if they are unable to log into social networking sites. Instead of playing they spend more time indoors by using social media. Many of them think that social media is the best place for meeting people instead of meeting their friends. Most of them check their phone first in the morning to check for any updates.

Today youth has become so glued to social media that they don’t talk to people seated near them. Teenagers prefer to text to their peers instead of talking to them. Therefore youth are unable to communicate in the real world. Due to excessive use of social media many of them are unable to concentrate on their studies. They forget to submit their assignments. Usage of social media at night is also disrupting sleep of youth. Some of them complain about headache and discomfort in eyes.

Parents have a major role to play to prevent their children from getting addicted to social media. They need to keep a tab on websites visited by their children. They can ask their children to refrain from using social media while studying. Parents should monitor the time spent by their children on social media. During exam time, parents can ask their children to stop using social media until the completion of examinations. They should inform their children about the perils of social media and help them get out of it in a smooth manner.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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