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Dreaded dengue deaths

Residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune suffered the most due to dengue and the fever spread in epidemic form and it’s after effects are all felt throughout the year. There is no remedy and the doctors fight to bring the dengue rate down. By way of its name, it may be more musical than chikungunya, but in terms of impact it appears to be just bad. It is reliably learnt that almost every hospital in these cities are having victims of this dreaded vector’s bite and the patients are facing high fever, body pain followed by weakness. Many are being turned away for lack of space and the medical facility required to meet the patients to cure the dreaded dengue. One may not be surprised to see some entrepreneur or a group of doctors have already begun planning hospitals exclusively dedicated to the mosquito is victim. After all, given the way it is happening now, they can be assured of patients the year round for treatment between malaria, chikungunya and dengue.

Those who call on them with unspecified complaints are immediately told to undergo the dengue procedure. And since not many patients know how they are to be tested for it, they are made to undergo examinations meant for bubonic plague, telangictasis and glandular botts for good measure as well, not to mention adenoids, mumps and vesicular emphysema of the lungs. The end result is a fat bill on the seeing of which patients show signs of other distress which may require further tests. Our corporations are doing their best to prevent the dreaded dengue deaths and make sure that proper medicines are administered to get the full cure. Ask anyone from the civic body and after first hotly denying its existence, they then say that a few isolated cases have been reported but this is nothing compared to the situation in the Amazon forests or the mortality when the Panama Canal was dug.

In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune the open gutters are the major reason for mosquito breeding and its after effects on people living in these busy places. The time is ripe to eradicate the dengue and other related fevers once for all. Even though Swachh Bharat mission is being followed in the entire country for maintaining cleanliness the existence of mosquitoes could not be controlled and that caused the dreaded dengue deaths in the recent past.

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