Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Embarrassment for AAP

AAP is under soup ever since it has formed government in Delhi. In the past we saw, that the party ruled for 47 days and stepped down in haste and went for a re-election. Despite securing absolute majority, the AAP failed to keep their Ministers and Party workers under control and they garnered controversies most of the time and the party is in total jitters. In a recent development, the women and child welfare minister Sandeep Kumar was involved in a sex scandal and was forced to leave the ministry as he was chucked out by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Now the PA of the minister is in thick of controversy for circulating the CD and blackmailing him. In the meanwhile, the women’s panel has summoned AAP Ashutosh for his recent blog supporting Sandeep Kumar in an effort to save him from the turmoil. AAP suffered in the face of controversies and the sacking of the minister broadens scope for opening Pandora’s Box.

Nickhil Krishnan

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