Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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False promising prospects

Despite all the hype about Congress resurgence, results are not forthcoming for the National party and the struggle is on for Rahul Gandhi and Company. In Karnataka also they were distant second and instead of forming a government of its own were forced to seek the assistance of JD(S). On the other hand, BJP replaces promise and have a new agenda on entering 5th year of its rule. BJPs new slogan or mantra is Saaf Niyat and Sahi Vikas. Both these mantras slowly and steadily got implemented despite all the resistance and by the year 2019, the party hoped to touch a new horizon in the Indian politics with different developmental plans. Instead of playing caste cards, BJP should aim for clean governance in the next 12 months and show the Indian public that their rule created more impact than 70 year rule of the Congress. The main agenda is to reduce the price of vegetables, fruits and other commodities and that is to happen the fuel prices should come down drastically by the year end and to have a new beginning.


Abhishek Rama 

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