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Fashion in films has become more real feels Farhan Akhtar


Bollywood actor-producer Farhan Akhtar, whose association with contemporary menswear brand Code by Lifestyle was extended on Wednesday, says there’s a change in the fashion code in Bollywood movies as characters have moved towards “real and believable” looks.

“I think the biggest change that has happened in fashion in films is that now the characters really don’t look like they have made an effort to look a particular way,” said Farhan.

Elucidating on the same, Farhan, who has himself donned a mix of casual as well as formals on screen, said: “There was a time when everyone on screen looked like they were made up and made to wear clothes that they necessarily didn’t pull out of their own wardrobes – that has changed.”

“Now when you watch a movie, everyone looks like they belong to the character and even their clothes belong to that character. I think this is a very big change as this has made the experience of watching a movie feel more real and believable. You can say so much more about a person just by the way they dress, hence, costume plays a huge role in the viewing of a film. And yes, it has definitely changed a lot.”

The “Rock On!!” star, who also unveiled Code by Lifestyle’s Spring Summer collection at an event here, believes that the fashion market has opened for men.

“I think there is a lot of choice for men in terms of clothes for them to dress differently as per the occasion. One spots people sporting a cool, easy and chilled-out look, where they are happy and comfortable, dressy but not over the top. Looking smart without making it seem like you’ve put in an effort is a big trend,” he added.

In that scenario, to be endorsing the brand and extending his association with it, is a well-thought decision for Farhan.

“Eventually whatever you do, or put your name to, or speak to people about, and tell them that they should buy into this idea or style is something that you have to have an affinity with and that you have to be comfortable to wear yourself.”

“Every time I have worn Code’s clothes, I have felt comfortable and happy wearing it.”

As for his own code for a fit and fashionable life, he shared: “I think eating healthy and exercising is very important – both make one feel very optimistic and positive. Also, being true in terms of fashion, that is being true to who you are, is really important.”

He says that while every person has an individual style and may “get inspired by a style and incorporate things that you are impressed by, but eventually you have to be comfortable with what you wear”.

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