Thursday, June 24, 2021
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For a good cause

It gives me immense pleasure to say that the event of the Newsmakers Achievers’ Award in which many celebrities were felicitated was indeed a grand ceremony. It was memorable and will be cherished by me forever. The cause was also very noble that you gathered a few families of the farmers affected and gave them financial assistance. Finance is what they need now badly. You did it ! I could also meet my old and long time friend Mrs. Sudha Chandran , who was my co artiste and actor , while we were doing plays in Tamil. We were both happy to meet each other. Above all, you recognised your regular and prolific writers and contributors of articles to your newspaper, Mr. C.K.Subramanian and myself, by calling us on the stage and gave your good trophy too.

Most importantly as I was seeing your e-version in the photo gallery, I saw my own photograph -of my address in the end of the event. I just didn’t expect this.

Thanking you once again, warm regards. And very many best wishes to you, your team, Management for all success and glory in the days ahead !

S. Krishna Kumar

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