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Gati launches a comprehensive CSR initiative ‘Gati Muskaan’

gati-logoHeal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay, as aptly culled from the Bible, has been Gati team’s new mantra for being a socially involved organization.

Express Distribution and Supply Chain Indian major Gati Ltd. has initiated their CSR program ‘Gati Muskaan’ with the intent of not only fulfilling its social responsibility but truly spreading ‘muskaan’ i.e. happiness and touch lives in the true sense. This one-of-its kind program will focus on all aspects of life, which need attention like education, health, environment and community development. The company realizes that unless all these facets are considered in totality, the efforts to bring about any positive change will be sporadic and outcome not sustainable.

‘Muskaan’ initiative began by planting 200 saplings across 16 locations in India, where Gati has its Express distribution centres. Some of these cities include Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai to name a few. In June 2013, Gati Infrastructure had committed itself to planting 1-lakh trees in Sikkim, which was very well received by the local communities in the region. Now, this drive has been extended on a pan-India scale in a new capacity under ‘Gati Muskaan’.

No new initiative is complete without divine sanction that can only be brought by children. Gati is highly sensitive to the lesser-privileged children of the society, which led the team to conduct a series of activities in orphanages across 17 locations in India. Painting and singing competition along with fun games and prizes for best talents motivated the little ones. Select best paintings from all locations will be displayed them at the Gati office premises. A Happy Meal from McDonalds was an icing on the cake, creating moments of joy for each one of them.

Gati is also sponsoring an orphanage “Human Development Foundation of Sikkim (HDFS)” where tribal children come from the highly protected area of Zongu.

Gati in association with The Government of Andhra Pradesh built a school which currently provides education to 1000 students and was declared as ‘Model Government School’ in the year 2011. Gati financially supports the school in conducting yearly events and undertakes all expenses related to housekeeping, security and maintenance. To promote research and digital learning and make students competitive, Gati under ‘Project Muskaan’ launched the first computer laboratory in the school.

Thrilled as the students were, the faculty established that the lab would lead to all-round development of students who can now plan their higher education and careers better.

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