Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Goregaon flyover opened for public

The flyover connecting Goregaon (E) and (W) was languishing for years for some reason or the other and hat’s off to local politicians for speeding its progress as it has now been opened to the public. The 2.3 km picturesque flyover would reduce traffic all round due to its strategic location and travellers can expect to save a lot of time using the bridge. However, construction quality seems wanting as the flyover indeed is bumpy and patchy asphalt work clearly visible at some places. The 235 crore flyover should have been better laid out and it seems tax payers money has not been properly utilized in the infrastructure. There seems to be no accountability and infrastructure companies responsible for it should be taken to task for the haphazard work. A stich in time saves nine and the flyover should immediately be repaired so that it does not deteriorate further during the monsoon. The job of the politicians is to organize funds for public utility projects but construction activities should be assigned to top private infrastructure companies so that quality is looked into and there is accountability too.

S.N. Kabra

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