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Happy Friendship Day

As a South Indian, I would like to lead a simple living and high thinking life. We Indians are really happy with great value for our family life.  Western people admire our culture and joint family set up still prevailing in a fast world.  In the New Year, I would like to be part of a Social Organisation, which can serve the people at the time of floods, famine, earthquake, and other national calamities. A few ways to be happy at home and form a useful friendship on the friendship day — be positive and form a valuable relationship with your old and new friends.

  1. Nothing is impossible. We can achieve something different from others. If you are a sportsman then you can take defeat and victory in the same spirit. Happiness happens to those who seek it. Winning is a habit as far as sports is concerned. Yes; you go for a winning mode, then only you can finish as a hard-fought loser.
  2. Don’t think of today. Think about tomorrow and the day after. Stitch in time saves nine. Try to plug the loopholes and feel success in life. Saving is a very good habit and cultivates the same for rainy days. Small drops make an ocean is true. Nationalised Banks are there to keep your small savings and that sum grows and doubles to help you at the time of need.
  3. Don’t be Selfish: Live and let others also live. Metro city Mumbai is helping so many people to start their career and become rich in record time. Thus, so many people are coming to the Business capital to make their living more comfortable.
  4. Learn to leave bad habits- Cigarette smoking is injurious to health as per the statutory warning message. However, so many people taste smoking and spoil their health in the process. Chewing Gutka/tobacco and drinking habits can also be done away with grit and determination on this Friendship Day.
  5. Teaching is good hobby-Inculcate the knowledge available with you to other Teachers play a very crucial role in imparting knowledge. We forget the teachers once we get a good living. Cricketers are helped by coaches, but once they become superstars they forget the role of the coaches in bringing their career to the limelight. Music teachers bring melody in the voice of the wards.
  6. Respect Elders: Express gratitude to your parents, teachers and the patients. At one time or other we may also lie down with an ailment and we need the help of others.
  7. Try fast methods: be a sport and try to finish your work as early as possible and accept more work and help others and the institution. If your Institution grows, then you will also grow simultaneously.
  8. Work is Worship: Play a key role in your sphere of work. If you are in retail Banking introduce new products in the New Year.
  9. Patient Listening; Listen to what others say. Improvise their views and make a successful suggestion. Give credit to the team members also instead of poking your nose alone.
  10. Have Concern for others: Instead of thinking about you always give some attention towards poor, downtrodden people. After all, you live to help others and that attitude is a great virtue.
  11. Control your anger. People may irritate you with unwanted comments, but try to maintain composure and do a world of good to your institution and give attention to family values and traditions. After all, anger will come and go but the name and fame you attained will also go with your anger.
  12. Try to be a fitness freak- The retirement age of Government employees was increased from 58 to 60 and a recent notification says it may be again increased to 62. Hence, try to fit with healthy habits.
  13. Develop good Character” Our life span is short. During our time trying to develop good character and try to adopt them in day to day life as well. After all, your character reflects your mind. Apply patience and perseverance to achieve your objectives and don’t take hasty decisions and never look for a short cut to success.
  14. Compliment People: Give respect and take respect. Appreciate a good song. Compliment a good knock by a batsman and encourage him. Stop talking discouraging words.
  15. Aim of your life: In the best interest of your family you wish to have loving parents and loving children. After all, you will become old one day and your sons will have to look after you, the same way you looked after your parents. The love and affection are passed on from forefathers to our father, father to son, etc.

If you are able to get what is required for your life with the above good thinking you can lead a peaceful living for which, you maintain robust health, work with honesty and sincerity, have faith in God and that will give you peace of mind and try to instil confidence in your children because the future of India is in the hands of present children. Develop a friendship with members of your community, make friends in a park during a morning walk, join a senior citizen Sangh and see the way older generation manage things in a better way than you and learn the art of life and let others live. This is a friendly way of my expressions on the Friendship Day.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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