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Has NCB become a tool in the hands of right-wingers?

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ncb, sameer wankhede, sameer, narcotics control bureau, aryan khan, aryan khan arrested, drugs, drugs party, cruise party The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) knew the event is big and inside the water, looking at the entry fees they could guess the participation of high-profile guests, and that’s how the raid was planned for some limelight and pers. Meanwhile, Manish Bhanushali, vice president of BJP and SK Gosavi, private persons were involved in the Cruise raid by NCB.

Both were seen taking Aryan Khan and Arbaz Merchant to the NCB office. SK Gosavi also made a small video of Aryan Khan and clicked a selfie with him and shared it with a crime reporter. Many think tanks claim that Aryan was being “targetted” because he’s Muslim adding that no drugs have been recovered from Aryan Khan since his arrest.

Moreover, the man apparently seen taking Aryan Khan into NCB custody who later also clicks a selfie with him does not belong to the NCB, as stated by the agency officials themselves took video of Aryan and made it public, how can these private people have access to these kids and who gave them authority to compromise these children’s privacy? Is this a set agenda?

Manish Bhanushali, vice president of BJP and SK Gosavi, private people were involved in the Cruise raid by NCB. Both were seen taking accused Aryan Khan & Arbaz Merchant to the NCB office.

NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik questioned the involvement of private people in NCB’s raid. He also exposed the claims of NCB. The NCB while seeking Khan’s remand did not specify whether any drugs were found in his possession or were suspected to be consumed by him though he has been charged with sections related to consumption. His medical reports found no traces of drug consumption.

The central agency said that it was investigating “suspicious transactions” constituting offences under the NDPS Act. Khan’s lawyer told the court that nothing had been found in his possession nor had he admitted to any consumption or being in contact with persons related to the drugs seizure. Since the charges are bailable, Khan’s lawyers are likely to file bail tomorrow.

On Sunday, his lawyers argued that there was no bar under section 37 NDPS Act. This relates to a particular provision under the Act, where if the offences are non-bailable, the court is required to hear the public prosecutor and be satisfied that there are “reasonable grounds” that the accused has not committed the offences before granting bail. Since the charges do not fall under this category, the court will decide on his bail plea on the basis of the provisions under the bailable sections.

Since NCB has collected almost all evidence against Aryan, so he may get relief on Thursday even as the agency is trying to catch the network of peddlers who supply drugs to high-profile buyers. The drugs case against Aryan Khan is majorly based on two so-called proofs that the NCB officials are claiming will be enough to prove their case.

The first evidence against Aryan Khan is his confession and statement given to NCB where he claimed to have taken drugs. However, an official also clarified that no urine test or other test was conducted to check if he had taken drugs the day he was detained from the cruise by the investigators. A basic medical check-up was done as per the formalities. The relevance of his statement to NCB in the court remains in question.

Aslam Merchant, the father of Arbaaz Merchant, was vocal in telling that his son and Aryan Khan, both of whom have been taken into custody by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in connection with the Mumbai drugs-on-cruise-case, were “innocent”.

Dismissing allegations that 5 grams of charas were found on Arbaaz as “baseless”, Aslam said that it is very premature to state anything (about the arrest) at this point in time. The NCB has been very cooperative and very nice to the kids. I being a lawyer, have faith in the judiciary. The truth will prevail and they will come out scot-free. They are innocent,” he told Times Now. Aslam said that his son and Khan did not even enter the ship and that they were just guests. “Whatever was found, was found inside the ship, not outside,” he added.

Reports state that a rave party was taking place in the late hours of October 2 on a cruise ship that was raided at the Mumbai Coast. The cruise was on its way on a “musical voyage” for three days. Several names from Bollywood – including Aryan Khan – were also aboard the cruise, along with people from the fashion and business industry.

The NCB received an anonymous tip of banned drugs being used on the cruise. NCB officials, led by zonal director Sameer Wankhede, boarded the ship disguised as passengers to conduct the raid.


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Vaidehi Taman
Vaidehi Taman
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