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‘Healthy’ budget

All thoughtful people are extremely happy with this ‘healthy,’ well balanced budget presented on 29th February. The ‘out of power’ political parties are bound to tell that the budget is ‘disappointing,’ ‘there is nothing new’ etc in the budget due to frustration. All sensible and understanding people and experts from all walks of life say in one, single voice that the due importance has been given to the agriculture, farmers and the villagers indicates that the FM Arun Jaitley is very well aware of the fact that India is, and will remain, agriculture-based economy. Without agriculture no nation can achieve progress and growth. Agriculture is the base of all round development of the nation, leading further to investments and consequently to the job opportunities for the youth of the nation. No nation can develop with ‘empty stomach.’ Only the ‘full stomach’ pushes the brain to think scientifically, technologically and economically and the full stomach also incites muscles to fight out all domestic and the ‘alien’ problems. Besides, the extra stocks of the agricultural products can be exported and we can earn hefty foreign exchange. But the organic agriculture should be encouraged in all the states and the Union territories on war footing. Otherwise different diseases like various cancers, asthma, cardiac problems will shoot up in our nation. Let Sikkim lead the nation in this vital matter. We all know very well that health is ‘wealth.’ Without healthy body and mind no nation can ever have satisfactory development and growth.


Hansraj Bhat

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