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Here to keep parallel journalism alive, Let us change

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Afternoon Voice, AVoice, Vaidehi Taman, Vaidehi, Editorial, AV EditNewsmakers Broadcasting & Communication is one of the fastest growing progressive media houses in India. We bring to you English daily ‘Afternoon Voice’, ‘Beyond the News’, a fortnightly magazine, a monthly ‘Maritime Bridges’ and Mumbai Manoos’, a Marathi daily, and Hacker5 magazine. Our core competency lies in providing extensive coverage to all spheres of information. We have built a team expertly poised with the right balance of experience and youth to give our publications freshness and depth. Honest reporting with an emphasis on ethics is our forte.

We especially pride ourselves in being a self-funded organisation without relying on big industrial houses for sustenance. We intend to champion the new brand of journalism widely dubbed as ‘citizen journalism’, with over two thousand citizen reporters all over India and special correspondents to cover every area. We also mentor young journalists filled with new ideas without the burden of intellectual dictatorship. These young minds are the USP of the organisation. Our exclusive content allows us to build strong readership loyalties which become our coveted reward. We are here to play long innings and continue to play an integral part of our reader’s lives. The main aim behind starting this organisation is to fight the evil in the fourth estate and do justice to journalism.

It is easier to shout about the change and is equally easy to fancy about something getting better. For the people who are non-professionals, students, housewives, self-employed and professionals in the domain of Information Technology, Politics, Fashion, Art, Trade, Social Economic Developments to Cooking perhaps into different domains, development, quality or resource allowance. Change is happening everywhere and we are aware of it, We strive to constantly update ourselves about every new happening and there is no time to ‘master’ anything because, in this gamble of cards, the jack of all trades has the highest number of cards, however the master of one has almost no cards.

Ever tried running a marathon on a treadmill? I am sure, it never happens because, the marathon has a limit, and a treadmill doesn’t. However, a treadmill has a stop button, we can play merry-go-round about this argument. Afternoon Voice has successfully completed nine years when we retrospect; our newspaper started with a limited scope of knowledge and limited things to write about. But, as every issue passed, new challenges came across, new technologies evolved, new tools emerged, new content and new aspects evolved, it is like a parallel life! A perfect line between yin and yang, separating them both, yet together an invisible line! Our Newspaper is dedicated to all of them, covering the entire circle to expand their exponential.

There is always a story on every board for every game; such was the journey, which made a beautiful one for these nine years, so far. Where you answer to yourself each day, so far so good with a smile that something was achieved today, a new lesson was taught and even more was learnt, the process never ends, I would call it ‘the treadmill’ which makes a person run on the rectangular flat side whilst powering itself with circles. Every edition of the daily tells you a story, story about the author, story about the system, story about the politician and one who made the system and story about the one who broke it and then there is a narrator, which even teaches, to remain unbiased to all readers and aspirants of the glorious domain called “MEDIA”. The motto has been consistent throughout, to teach, to entertain and to make you aware of the truth.

This edition where there is a celebration, everywhere, the proximity of festivals and the change in season, to the one that of cosy, I just want to convey a simple thing, let us change, change for something better, accept the changes as they come and learn to find our way in and explore the astounding spectrum. Surely the imagination has limits, it cannot go beyond the range of colours found in a spectrum but, can definitely make the worth of mix-matching what we have today by exploring and getting the best one, a recipe.

I would take this moment to thank all the readers who have supported the magazine to teach you various aspects of colours and who always cherished the variety of flow that we get into.

Happy Reading :)

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