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High Time: Isolate PAK and J&K Issue – Part 1

Pakistan is at its barbaric worst once again. It has killed some Indian soldiers after entering Indian Territory and has mutilated their bodies in blatant violation of all international laws and the Geneva Convention. We are not even at war with Pakistan.

India has conferred the status of MFN (Most Favoured Nation) on Pakistan. Pakistan has gone two steps (letters) ahead and conferred the status of MHN (Most Hated Nation) on India in return.

India should strengthen its border forces and ensure that no infiltration takes place. “Shoot at Sight” order should be given. It must also seriously consider sealing its borders with Pakistan or erecting an electrified fence.

Side by side, India must strengthen its diplomatic relations with other nations – particularly China and Russia – and get their support in branding Pakistan as a terrorist nation and isolating it. No doubt, it is not going to be easy as these two countries have a lot to gain by being friends with Pakistan such as CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) for one.

I don’t think negotiation with Pakistan will take us anywhere unless Pakistan changes its intransigent stance. We may as well talk to a brick wall. Even after providing Pakistan with tons of evidence with regard to its direct involvement in the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai, it has not taken any action against the perpetrators. They totally disowned Kasab as well.

There is no point in merely repeating the same words repeatedly, like a spoiled disc, that we will give fitting reply to Pakistan, our martyrs’ sacrifice will not go in vain, etc. This is the time for some solid action, not rhetoric.  After every terror attack, all we hear from the Prime Ministe, Home Minister and Defence Minister are the oft-repeated, parroted words and statements: We will not get cowed down by such attacks; we will give a fitting reply; the attacks are very cowardly, the attackers will not go unpunished (remember the Mumbai attack perpetrators who are yet to booked); and so on and so forth.

We have been hearing the slogans of all politicians for decades now and no remedy has been found apart from saying, “We don’t take it down” – “Dushmano Ko Karara Jawab Denge”  It is highly disgusting, Dear PM Modi ji, enough of talks and escalating the PAK terror matter in the UN and so on. High time you taught a severe lesson by completely Isolating the terror-nation. We should not have any cultural, bilateral ties, no trade & commerce, transport & sports (especially cricket), no diplomatic relations, no peace talk etc. To begin with, at least hit the nation where it would hurt. Cripple the enemy nation. You need not ask the US to declare PAK as a rogue nation. Pass a suitable resolution and declaration in our own Parliament with the support of all the MPs.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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