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Honesty is a must

Cheating has become an integral feature of the examination system. Students are often alleged to use small slips of paper, popularly known as “Kapalis”. It is often believed that only those students who are weak prefer to copy in Exam but it is not so, the student who generally secure good marks also indulge in this practice.  There are students who are afraid of scolding and insults of their parents if he/she scores fewer marks. The mere thought of scolding keeps her anxious all the time before the exam and the student cannot concentrate in studies. At last, he/she has to indulge in unfair means because the only chance to avoid scolding remains is cheating.  One must remember that “Cheating is not a key to success.” There are many students who adopt the practice of cheating only because they do not want to lose their self-esteem amongst their peer group. Risk-taking attitude is one of the common characteristic of the adolescent age. Whenever a student finds an opportunity to cheat, he will never miss it. There are students who know each and every topic of a subject but they are not confident about themselves and even though their answer is right they feel that other’s answer would be better than theirs and therefore they copy. One must be confident that he/she can get 100% success without cheating because by indulging in malpractice, you are cheating yourself and success will elude you.

Vinod C. Dixit

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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