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Hoping For Bright And Better 2021

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year 2020, 2021, new year 2021, happy new year, covid-19, covid, lockdown, pandemicLooking at the reflection on the past 365 days spent locked inside homes, and freaking over those tight uncomfortable suffocating masks. The only buzz word for all is “COVID-19” in 2020. 7 January 2020, WHO is notified of the novel coronavirus, known as 2019-nCoV, in China. Counting on, there are unending complaints, complications, uncertainties, obstacles with all of us. Many of us might have lost our dear and near ones due to the suffering of Covid-19. Few of them have suffered through depression and risk their lives in this lockdown, while others have been waiting badly for things to normalize. We have lost some of the Stars from Bollywood this year – The suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, the sudden demise of Irrfan Khan due to colon infection, Rishi Kapoor gave up fighting his battle with cancer, Legendary Filmmaker Basu Chatterjee, Veteran Bollywood Choreographer Saroj Khan passed away, Bollywood composer-singer Wajid Khan and many more.

Many might have gone through an economic crisis either due to loss of jobs or reduction of the pay scale. Few have been struggling to find a new job across LinkedIn and the College pass-outs have been in trauma for not being able to get placements when it’s time to repay the loans for graduation/ post-graduation. Businesses have seen a drastic downfall, be it a small start-up or a huge brand. We have seen brands shutting down permanently. The education sector has seen a lot of hassle, with parents not ready to take online classes for kids and refusing to pay the annual fees, and teachers’ experiences pay cut, rendering many jobless too.

When we asked our readers how was the year 2020’s experiences for them here are the opinions:

The famous Indian YouTuber and internet sensation Bhuvan Bam, told Afternoon Vice, “2020 has not been a very easy year with the pandemic, lockdowns, forest fires, mass layoffs and the list goes on. But what has changed for good is the face of humanity. My biggest learning this year was the importance of each and every individual around me; our strength lies in being a part of the community. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves how important kindness is. All I can resolve to say that 2021 will have better days to see. As for me, I’ll be entering into a newer vertical of entertainment with BBKiVines’ new production Dhindora. I am really excited for the year to come and hope 2021 brings a lot of joy in each of our lives along with a ray of hope to realize our dreams or even spark a new beginning.”

“The very first thing I want to do in 2021 is to travel to different places with my family and friends. Along with this, I want to create a lot more new and meaningful content as it was not possible in this year due to the pandemic. 2021 will be more exciting content-wise as everyone will get to see a lot of ACVHatke concepts. 2020 was a roller coaster ride for everyone but I am grateful that my parents recovered from COVID-19. This lockdown has made me stronger and I have connected with my fans in a better way than before. They have always supported me and helped me overcome my ups and downs,” said Ashish Chanchalani who is a Digital Celebrity and a YouTuber.
Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela cited, “2020 has actually been one of the best years of my life. In this year we have faced several challenges, adapted new habits, and have overcome them. 2020 has forced us to grow exponentially. So, don’t take that for granted. Happy New Year 2021. ”

Indian Standup Comedian Amit Tandon shared his experience, “The year 2020 was full of opportunities for me. Lockdown encouraged me to focus more on my health, creative skills, and family. Earlier, due to traveling and back-to-back work I was hardly able to focus on things of my interest. I always wanted to do more than just stand-up comedy and this year gave me a chance to explore my limits and test my boundaries. I became more familiar with the technical world because of which I could manage all my shows by myself virtually. Going ahead, in 2021, I am working for an audio show and a few digital series that are written by me. A lot of exploration has happened which I could safely add to my portfolio.”

Sultan movie actor Anant Vidhaat cited, “2020 was a difficult year for everyone all over the world. I have had my share of challenges but it is nothing compared to what people have faced. I acknowledge the fact that I have been privileged enough not to go through the turmoil as many have gone through like migrating or losing loved ones.  Our industry has also suffered losses of various kinds. I feel 2020 was an important year to reflect individually and collectively. Just don’t postpone life for tomorrow, and be grateful for what you have. Happy New Year! ”

Dancer and Bollywood actress Seerat Kapoor said, “The year 2020 has taught us that we have the freedom to choose our attitude towards any given set of circumstances and the ability to affect its output. Here’s wishing everyone a walk into 2021 knowing that you can play a much greater role than you thought in shaping your life and improving within. All my love, Happy New year! ”

CEO of a PR agency- The Other Circle Aakansha Gupta, told Afternoon Voice, “The year 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for me as an entrepreneur. However, if there is one lesson that the year 2020 has taught me, it’s oodles of gratitude and I think I am really grateful for all the learnings and difficulties that I have faced at the beginning of COVID 19 lockdown. Also, teamwork and companionship are something that made me feel that one can not climb the mountain alone, we do need a team to make it work. Besides all of this, I think building a network has been one of my key learnings of 2020. With all the learnings and gratitude  I am looking forward to welcoming 2021! Happy New Year everyone! ”

Dr. Daljeet Kaur, who is also an actor and IAWA President stated, “During the COVID 19 lockdown, I got an opportunity to connect with the world because I started online pageants and award shows and because of this I have started meeting more and more people across the world. The year 2020 and especially the COVID 19 pandemic has taught us one thing LIVE FOR THE PRESENT, because whatever is going to happen isn’t in our hands. Also, the best part about the lockdown is that I got time to spend with my family and son, I could work from home and connect to many people around the world through zoom meetings and webinars.  In fact, I got a chance to increase my business on a large scale during COVID 19 lockdown.”

A resident of Borivali Priti Thakkar said, “There’s nothing happy about 2020 to be talking about considering all memories I have of 2020 is sitting home in lockdown. Hence, 2020 has taught me that we need to value freedom and not undermine it. Pandemic has very well taught me as to what happens when someone takes away your freedom to roam freely.”

“Due to COVID 19 pandemic, not only India but the rest of the other countries have also decided to close schools, colleges and universities. And because of this online teaching has turned up as a massive shock for me. Also, our school started paying 50% of our salaries without giving any prior notice. The work which I had never done before, I did that also in this lockdown period. As a teacher, I knew only schoolwork, but the COVID 19 pandemic had taught me many things including household chores,” said Bano Khan who is a teacher by profession.

Shivani Lokahnde, an HR executive said, ” The year 2020 for me was filled with mixed emotions. The main and most important lesson I have learned is, in order to live a normal happy life one doesn’t need all the luxuries or materialistic things (malls, fancy food). Our life was very much dependent on these things but I have realized basic food, clothing, shelter are only the necessity required. Simple living and great thinking is what takes an hour.”

Brand Strategist, Strategic Consultant and Public Relations Expert from Delhi, Shiv Rajvanshi said, “The year 2020 has proved to be a nightmare for all, I would like to thank wholeheartedly all the warriors who did not back down from risking their lives for us during the pandemic (Covid-19)! On the other hand, the year 2020 has been a game-changer year for me as I took the most important decisions of my career during this epidemic, which I had only dreamed that I would achieve someday. Proved like a boon, as if nature is extending its arms and welcoming my every decision! Right now I am Just looking forward to welcoming 2021.”



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