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“I can fit into all zones”

khandaani shafakhana, Sonakshi Sinha, Her two films of the year — Kalank and Khandaani Shafakhana have already hit the theatre and the latter is her latest release which has got a mild response from the audience even after having a unique storyline. Her another milestone Mission Mangal too is releasing today. She is none other than Sonakshi Sinha. In an interview with Anu Manohar, the star has spoken about her career graph so far, her recent release, and her plans ahead in films and television reality shows.

 Your last film Khandaani Shafakhana was different from your previous works. What motivates you more — doing films with the social subject that give hardly return on investment or doing big films like Kalank?

I enjoy my craft a lot. So, whether I have to play a Maya or a Rajjo, I will do it with as much enjoyment. I love to work in every film that has some challenging role for me because I have had the best of everything and I’m able to acclimate all kinds of cinema equally well. Whether it’s a big-budget commercial film or it’s a well-budgeted film like Kalank or some small budget film, I have already broken those fences. I can fit into all zones.

Was it difficult to choose a film like Khandaani Shafakhana?

No, it was not difficult, rather I felt socially responsible to spread such a crucial message. Once the word SEX was taboo, and today when we talk about sex education, people are not open to it even now. The film could convey the message to a larger audience.

You switched to TV also in the recent past. Did doing TV help increase your audience?

My work in movies hasn’t stopped. I am shooting for Happy… and another film. I’m flying back and doing TV and going back again. It’s become a part of my job.

We must know that television as a medium is so massive, probably bigger than films. It has a very wide reach because you are sitting at home and flipping channels. The remote is in your hands and you have a whole platter to choose from. Some of these talent-based shows are really good because you get to see so many different talents and spend time with them. The reach is tremendous. For me, it’s not about taking time off to do TV because I’m doing it simultaneously.

You have mostly been seen in entertainment spice films but with the films, you are doing or have signed in the last year, have you come into your own?

Fairly, from my very first film, a lot of people didn’t know what to expect because I was not into the limelight that much. I never wanted to be an actor, but right from Dabangg, people saw some spark in me, which is why they expected me to do a lot more. Nobody ever said that this girl couldn’t act. They said I held my own in a Salman Khan film, which was the biggest compliment for me. Honestly, when a film like Lootera came along while I was doing Son of Sardaar and Rowdy Rathore and all that, it struck a chord somewhere. I felt that this will be something that will push me in a way that other films won’t. And it did. I enjoyed doing it. After that, I was already committed to these commercial films. Then came Akira, Noor, and Ittefaq, and I knew these were films that would push my buttons. They alter my thinking, and honestly, today the audience is so unpredictable that you never know what they like, what they don’t.

We see you more confident after all these years and unaffected with flops.

The self-confidence comes from the fact that I was able to establish myself as an exemplary Hindi commercial film heroine. The kind of reach that I got by doing those commercial entertainers is outstanding because people in the cities know me as well as someone from the heartland. The confidence that I have is that whoever has liked me in those films, will go and watch these movies too.

Your journey began with films and you made your mark in TV too. Is there any plan to follow the footsteps of Mom and Dad and get in politics?

We all evolve with time but for now, there is no such plan and my focus is on films and reality shows. You never know tomorrow, so no comments on

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