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‘I want to keep my personal life private’

ABAbhay Deol is known for his unique style of acting in Bollywood. For the first time Abhay will be acting with his girl friend Preeti Desai in the upcoming movie ‘One By Two’. Abhay shares more about his movie and relationship in an exclusive interview with our correspondent Prakash Jha.

 Tell us something about your new movie One By Two

It is about two people who reside in the same city. Even though both of them have almost shaped up their destiny but they don’t know each other. Thus it’s a about the relationship between two strangers.

 For the first time you will be seen with your real life girl friend Preeti Desai in reel life. Is there any extra burden on your shoulders?

Being a director or producer is a biggest burden instead of acting with my real life girl friend. According to me, it’s not a burden. Film making is a risky business irrespective of whether it’s a commercial or offbeat movie. However, I am pleased to work with my girl friend.

You and Preeti Desai belong to the same industry. What are its advantages and disadvantages?   

It becomes easier for us to understand each other. At the same time we have to spend too many days without meeting each other. It is really difficult to maintain the relationship because you have to make time out of your profession to be with each other.

You have worked with foreign actress Kalki Koechlin. What is your perception about foreign actress? What difference do you notice between foreign actress and Bollywood actress?

There is no major difference between Indian and foreign actress as both of them is professional. I think Kalki is extremely talented and she can do those roles which Indian actresses can’t do. On the other hand, Indian actress too can perform some roles which can’t be done by Kalki.

Social networking sites are playing a vital role in the lives of actors like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. What is the reason that you are not too active on these sites?

I still don’t post tweets on Twitter. I became active on facebook a month ago. If you will visit my facebook fan page then you will notice that lots of activities are happening there. I am able to connect with my fans through this medium. Sometimes, I become busy with my work hence I am unable to post my comments. Soon I will become active on Twitter too.

Do you want to guard your personal life?


Yes. I want to keep my personal life private. Earlier when I was active on facebook I only used to discuss about my movie and other important aspects.

It is said that a person hailing from Bollywood family don’t have to undergo too much struggle for making their debut in the film industry. Is it true?

If you belong to a film background then it is not difficult for you to get a break in the industry. However, it not easy for a outsider to make his mark in the industry. Honestly speaking everybody irrespective of his family background has to undergo too much hardship to become successful. There are many star sons who have failed to achieve success despite family backing. On the other hand, there are some who belong to non film background and yet they have managed to achieve success.

Who are the three beautiful women you have come across in Bollywood or apart from Bollywood? Parveen Babi is my personal favourite since my college days followed by Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh.

You have failed to mention your real life girl friend Preeti Desai in the list of three beautiful women.

(Laughs). She is my girl friend and she is chosen (laugh again).

How you find Preeti Desai different from other actress?

She has a good personality and has her own unique style. She possess the right kind of attitude. Even though she hails from England but she follows Indian culture.

Will you become director one day?

Could be, you never know.

Since you said that your movie is different from others what expectations do you have from it?

You can expect something which can be entertaining and provocative at the same time. It is not a typical rom com type of movie and provides wholesome entertainment.

Tell us about your photo shoot.

I am shooting a cover photo for Exhibit, a Gadget and Technology Magazine. I am having lots of fun.

 Why do expect the audience to watch your movie?

Since, I am a filmmaker and I make the movie to entertain my audience and they will truly enjoy it.

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