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In nicest prank ever, waitress gets tip that changes her life

This awesome ‘prank’ gave American waitress Chelsea Roff the best shift ever. Chelsea, who is pretty awesome herself, had no idea what was in store when she arrived at work waiting tables in a Los Angeles eatery but everybody else did. Before she arrived, filled the restaurant with accomplices and installed hidden cameras.

It seemed just like any other day to the unsuspecting Chelsea, who raised her little sister on her own, overcame an eating disorder and taught others with eating disorders yoga in her spare time.

The surprise begins with the first ‘customer’ Chelsea serves – he leaves her a $1,000 tip. She’s taken aback and tries to share it with her colleagues – which is exactly the sort of thing she would do, they say. Next, two ‘travel agents’ finishing up their meal tell her they don’t have cash but would like to tip her two tickets to Hawaii.

It’s already the best day she’s had at work but there’s more – her dream job and a gift-wrapped car!

A thrilled Chelsea later tweeted: Can’t wipe this silly smile off my face. :) My face muscles are stuck in happy mode.

Chelsea’s best shift is also raising money for charity with every view and share on the video contributing to a donation to non-profit organization DoSomething. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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