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Is this what Pawar was talking about?

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kirit-bhujbalKirit Somaiya wrote a letter to the election commission of India complaining about registration of names of Chhagan Bhujbal’s family in the voter list of two different constituencies.

Few weeks ago Nationalist Congress Party Chief SharadPawar had asked voters to take advantage of the multi-phase voting in the state by voting at their home state first and later at their place of work. But his own party member Chhagan Bhujbal’sfamily’s name features in Nashik and Mumbai voter list.BJP candidate from Mumbai North East constituency Kirit Somaiya has already filed a complaint against Chaggan Bhujbal for dual enrolment of his family member’s name in voter list with the Election Commission. He also alleged that Pawar and Bhujbal are only encouraging bogus voting. As per rules a person can’t register his name at two places. If he wants to enroll his name in the new place he has to first cancel his name from the old constituency. By enrolling their names twice at different places Bhujbal family has only violated the electoral guidelines.

“It’s seems to be deliberate attempt by NCP to rig the results of LokSabha election. Chhagan Bhujbal’s family members name features in two places viz Nashik and Mumbai. Bhujbal’s family has also managed to obtain two different voter identity cards for Nashik and Mumbai respectively. Strict action must be taken against him” said KiritSomaiya.

Kirit Somaiya alleged that MrsMeenaChhaganBhujbal (wife of Shri Chhagan Bhujbal Minister), Mrs Vishakha Pankaj Bhujbal (Son & MLA) &Mrs Shefali Samir Bhujbal (nephew & MP Samir Bhujbal wife) names are included in two places.

MrSomaiyahas uploaded the voter list of both Nasik and Byculla constituency in which Bhujbal’s family members names are printed on hiswebsite Assembly no 125, Part no 207 and Serial No’s 956, 957, 958 bearing the names of BhujbalShefali Sameer, Bhujbal Meena Chhagan and Bhujbal Vishakha Pankaj. Mumbai Byculla Assembly No 184, Part No 157 and serial nos 125, 127, 130 respectively.

Talking to AV Kirit Somaiya said, “On one hand, the names of lakhs of voters have been deleted from the voter list which denied them to exercise their franchise.On the other side Chaggan Bhujbal’s family members name feature in Nashik and Byculla voter lists. I have forwarded a letter to the Election Commissioner and requested them to take strict action against them.”

In past too KiritSomaiya knocked the door of Election commission against SharadPawar for violating the Code of Conduct when he had askedMathadi voters to vote twice one at their home town Satara and other at their workplace in Mumbai. He also asked them to erase the ink on their fingers before voting for the second time. This only goes to show the Pawar was encouraging bogus voting. The Election Commission had sent a notice to Pawar for his double voting remarks.

When we tried to contact NCP national spokesperson Nawab Malik and state president Bhaskar Jadhav they remained unavailable for comment.

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