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Issues affecting India’s development-Part II

I quote what our freedom fighter, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan has said: “My religion is truth, love and service to God and humanity. Every religion that has come into this world has brought the message of love, peace and brotherhood to humanity. Those who are indifferent to the welfare of their fellowmen, whose hearts are empty of love, they do not know the meaning of religion.”
Jesus Christ Himself has said, “For judgement I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.” (John, Chapter 9, verse 39).

Republic Day represents the true spirit of independent India and marks the patriotic fervour of all Indians across the country who celebrates this event with great enthusiasm year after year. On the occasion of Republic Day, we must remember the sacrifices made by those Indians who fought bravely for a liberated India. But it is a pity that every year, after the Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations get over, our national flag is strewn like rubbish on the streets and people irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion, blithely walk over them. Even when the national anthem is played on radio or relayed on television, people no longer stand up and sing the song; they keep chatting with people on their mobile phones or are busy cooking in their kitchens. As Indians, we must respect our country’s culture by showing due respect for our country’s national flag, national anthem and national song. It is only because of the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters that we live in a liberated country today. Otherwise, we would still be living under the British leadership.

It seems that the Gandhian ideals that inspired India’s independence struggles are no longer followed by the citizens today. Each and every one of us respects Mahatma Gandhi and proudly addresses him as the ‘Father of the Nation’, but no one is prepared to tread the path adopted by him. Republic Day is a day for us to celebrate with the hoisting of our national flag, recitation of our national anthem, singing patriotic songs and organising social and cultural events.

Jubel D’Cruz

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