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Just like magic: model’s hair in poster is windswept by passing train

It’s an ordinary day in a subway station in the heart of Stockholm, a day just like any other. Then the train arrives and suddenly it is rush hour, not for the passengers waiting on the platform but for the girl in the billboard advertisement peddling a local hair care brand.

As it rumbles past the billboard, the model’s hair appears to blow wildly about her face as though windswept by the onrushing train.

Passengers mill about in rapt fascination, taking photos as the smiling model runs her hand through her mussed hair.

Some technical wizardry was all it took to make the billboard, previously rigged with sonic sensors, come alive. So stunning was the result of the special effects employed, that the hair-raising billboard stayed live for five days instead of the single day as was originally planned by the makers – the ad agency, the production company and the Swedish company Apotek Hjartat whose Apolosophy range of hair products the billboard advertises.

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