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Kalyan Is A Historic City Of The 2nd Century

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Today Kalyan is in news for the inauguration of its old Patri Pool Bridge. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray inaugurated the reconstructed Patri Pool Bridge, which connects Kalyan to Dombivli in Thane district. This bridge was built in 1914, posed a big threat as it had become dilapidated. It was pulled down in November 2018. Although its reconstruction process faced several hurdles, the new bridge is now ready with a huge success story.

Kalyan is one historic place; it is connected to Mumbai and other parts of the country through railways and roadways. Marathas had their control over Kalyan and surrounding regions still remained intact ex. Durgadi fort. Kalyan junction is on the central line of Mumbai local and is well connected to various parts of India. Kalyan is an old market for people from Murbad, Malang gadh, Shahapur, Bhiwandi, Titwala, Badlapur Ambernath, Dombivali, and many surrounding villages of local Aagri, Koli, Kunbi, and other Marathi people along with Konkani Muslims. You can get fresh vegetables near Kalyan station as farmers daily bring their vegetables and fruits from the above-mentioned places to sell in Kalyan. Nashik and Ahmednagar farmers sell their stock in the Kalyan vegetable market (APMC). There are many old shops of various items near station road. The city is surrounded by many villages and real estate is booming here. Municipal Corporation is trying to develop the city along with Dombivali but still, Kalyan is underdeveloped and lags behind thane and Navi Mumbai. Overall Kalyan is a good place to live but planning and implementation from KDMC must fasten asap. Kalyan is developing and is one of the most preferable residential cities for job goers working in Mumbai thane and even Pune side.

Work at Kalyan’s Patripool ROB (Railover bridge), which comes under Central Railway was delayed till December. Kalyan is a very big city from a population view. But the thing which I wonder the most is it has not been developed even a little bit as per its growing population. Mumbai has a reason to give that its population grew so ghastly that it didn’t get enough time to plan as per the population. But take the example of Navi Mumbai. It has been first planned and then developed. Once you enter Kalyan, you’ll see it is such a mess. There are areas where you won’t find roads. Just sand and pieces of a concrete mixture. With a total population of more than 12 lakhs in Kalyan-Dombivali (which is a population greater than most tier 3 cities of India) what you’ll see there is not even one traffic signal in any circle of the city. Though there are traffic policemen, how long will they have to stand or work when your huge population is moving from one part to another every day. There is not even one proper electricity distribution facility in such a big populated city. You can have an electricity cutoff in any part of the day. At the point you exit the station towards the west side you see there is a huge mess near the bridge. Buses and auto’s move in the same lane giving no space for private vehicle movement. Also, there is a whole lane of street sellers sitting on the road covering most of the road when you reach towards the skywalk of the west side of the station. Roads are filthy full of dirt on this side. If you move towards the east side, there is nothing better than the west side. Water scarcity is another big reason for a city that receives more than 2500mm rain every year. All I see growing is wealthy real estate towards the west. Kalyan station is one of the most important stations and also the 4th busiest station in the country. It is the midpoint of most trains coming north side as well as south side. Despite this fact, it is constantly being ranked in one of the dirtiest stations in the country. I think it’s high time for the public. There is an urgent need for a better future plan for the coming years so that what the public is facing today should not have to face tomorrow. According to the railway official, following the sanction from the commission of railway safety (CRS), a block will be announced to process the laying of girders.

The most awaited two-lane Patri pool project was delayed after the lockdown in March. However, the work was slowly resumed following the traffic prohibition in August last year. The new Bridge is constructed parallel to the old one. The laying of girders of half part of the Bridge, which comes under city limits, was carried between August 19 to 24, by prohibiting the traffic movement from 10 pm to 5 am, to place the girders of the new Patripool bridge. This work was processed by MSRDC in-coordination with KDMC. The girder lying of the remaining part of the ROB was carried by railways, in-coordination with MSRDC (Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation). The new deadline for the completion of the new Patripool ROB was set as the end of August 2020, by MSRDC. However, the remaining part of (under railways) girder laying is yet to be carried, which will be processed by announcing a block on the railway route. The central railway (Mumbai division) has already written to MSRDC, demanding a block to process the construction work of the bridge. Somehow overcoming all the hurdles, the bridge is now ready. Patripool is a major source of connectivity between the Kalyan-Dombivli-Shilphata-Navi Mumbai stretches. At present, the demolition of old Patripool ROB is causing massive traffic with a demand to speed up the work by local commuters.

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Vaidehi Taman
Vaidehi Taman
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