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Kamal Haasan or Rajinikanth, who will be the power maker? – Part 2

Kamal Haasan has already warmed up to DMK. Most likely he will join them or be a campaigner for them, rather than starting his own party. Even if he starts his own, he certainly will align with DMK rather than fighting on his own. Assuming that Karunanidhi doesn’t want to fight one more election, DMK will not think beyond M K Stalin. So, even if Kamal launches a party and becomes a DMK ally, I don’t think he will be even considered for CM post. Till now Kamal has been publishing tweets about selective incidents. He needs to expand this to get more acceptances. Right now the view is that he is someone with no (political) responsibility and uses his popularity to pass his opinions. While there is nothing wrong with it, this approach may not lead to any political dividend. People should feel that he has good ideas about governance and will do better for Tamil Nadu.

Certainly he will pull crowds and can influence people. He can be suitably rewarded by DMK too, if they end up in winning side (maybe he can contest in some assembly seat or get some party position). Beyond this, I don’t think he would’ve planned anything for now.

On the other hand, there are die-hard fans of Rajinikanth, who are ready to sacrifice their lives for him, they can definitely chose him as a CM. Assuming all of the above possibilities, we may see Kamal in some active political role with some serious responsibility after 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This may eventually open the road for his political journey, but will he take that road is the million-dollar question! What I love about Kamal and Thalaivar is both are selfless people, their entry to politics would benefit a lot of people and the miseries common man are facing.

Kamal Haasan is an actor, so he will always get greater visibility on news media. Now, we do not know if his subtle hints are an indication of things to come. We do not know if he will throw himself into the fray? But if he does, will Kamal Haasan become the CM of Tamil Nadu one day?

I’m sure he has much better vision for Tamil Nadu than many seasoned politicians and definitely much better than Thalaivar’s. Kamal has always been an one-man army, so I wonder if he can work with head strong individuals —party men, cabinet ministers and the alike.

To become a CM candidate, he has to represent a party that hasn’t one. That rules out DMK, AIADMK, and PMK. Congress and BJP don’t have strong CM candidates, but both the parties are not quite strong enough in Tamil Nadu. Even though Kamal’s presence might improve their fortunes, I don’t think Kamal has enough power to pull them through to the finish line. And more importantly, I don’t think Kamal will pick either party.

DMDK, MDMK and TMC are mere fringe parties now. I don’t see Kamal in them. VCK might not be a fit. A new party would be an option. However, he might need a decent ally, may be the DMK. The case with Thalaivar Rajini though might be different.

Kamal’s first love is movies! I doubt he would ever want to leave his field which he loves like craze for politics. Kamal during an interview said if Thalaivar is entering, he won’t float a party as their relationship is nearing 50 years and he never wanted to be an obstacle on his friend’s new journey. It could also be DMK’s strategy to counter Thalaivar’s entry, as even before entering officially, his vote bank stands for 21 per cent, which is quite a large percentage.

He has clearly and categorically stated that he sees both DMK and AIADMK as two eyes of the same dragon called ‘corruption’. Therefore, a new reformist movement is necessary for the state and it must uphold the values of governance, corruption free administration and he must follow the rationalist vision of Anna and Periyar rather than the sentiments and interests of a dynasty and family. Every political observer can see two distinct faces of Tamil Nadu politics viz., resurrection, social justice and equal participation, reform in education, growth and development based politics largely dominated during the pre-MGR era. During MGR era, it looks like it was a learning curve for most politicians to perfect the art of looting public money. Subsequent to the demise of MGR, the great degeneration of the state politics has started.  Corruption and dynastic ethos became the bloodline of Tamil Nadu politics.

Kamal Haasan is not just an accidental leader but a leader born and grown in the soil where Periyar was born. He might have been a mute, helpless witness to all the corruption that has been taking place in the name of the Dravidian rule, might have also been the worst victim of the above politics as he was in public life for several decades.  Haasan will be a leader from the heart and head, true spirit and soul of Periyar and Anna, uncorrupt and incorruptible. Rationalism, scientific temperament, creativity, innovation, improvement, achieving incredible fete are other exemplary qualities of Kamal Haasan. Certainly, youths of the state could easily connect with Kamal Haasan and people wants him to be more vocal against DMK as well because AIADMK is already a dead horse so beating it repeatedly makes no sense. Kamal Haasan can invoke the true values of Periyar and can put an end to dynastic and family centric Dravidian exploitative politics.

Rajinikanth and Kamal went on to become cornerstones of Indian cinema. They approached the art of acting in different ways. Kamal became a case study for methodical acting, Rajinikanth showed everyone how to make mass commercial blockbusters. The differences between them do not stop there. Kamal is a rationalist and Rajinikanth is a hard-core believer in God. Kamal has made it abundantly clear that “saffron is not my” colour and Rajinikanth has repeatedly demonstrated his liking to the BJP. Kamal appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the demonetisation but was also quick to criticise him when economic experts suggested it was a failure. The actor even issued an apology for supporting demonetisation without understanding it fully. Rajinikanth was quick to praise PM Modi for scrapping the high-value notes but did not react after it was reported that the government botched up the scheme. The list of differences between Rajinikanth and Kamal goes on. But at the end, both Kamal and Rajinikanth have promised to deliver a clean and efficient government, if voted to power, with people’s welfare being the priority. They also have promised that they won’t fall into the vicious power struggle and engage in dirty politics to stay in the position of power.

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