Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Kohli has become team India’s ‘Mr Dependable’

Gavaskar has righly said that “the brilliance of Kohli lies in the fact that he delivers under pressure and puts the team’s interest above everything else.” “KUDOS to Virat, Dhoni and Team INDIA for a marvellous win against Australia. What a scintillating one-men-rescue- squad performance from Virat. A heart-stopping win like the one against Australia does not come every now and then. Kohli has been the mainstay of India batting-line up for quite some time now. His extraordinary batsmanship producing an unbeaten 51-ball 82, carried India to a memorable six-wicket win over Australia made possible to win the match. He stood like a wall against Australia. Kohli understands how he is supposed to bat in different wickets to score runs. His biggest plus point is that he takes everything as a challenge and wants to contribute in each and every game. His every knock was applauded by fans and cricketing experts. There are batsmen, good and great but Kohli is beyond them all. He is becoming the next “Dependable”. India’s commendable fight back against Australia is a tremendous confidence-booster for Semi-final now. The time has come when a collective effort is needed from Team India with batsmen and bowlers needing to fire in tandem in the coming matches.

Vinod C. Dixit

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