Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Leap to fame!

Dipa Karmakar may not win a medal at the Rio Olympics but all Indians perhaps with the exception of Shobhaa De are proud that the girl from small town Tripura qualified for the individual vault finals in gymnastics. It’s truly a moment to cherish as nobody expected to see an Indian gymnast qualify for the Olympics and here she would be competing for a medal at the games. Dipa was tensed and nervous in the qualifiers but getting into the final should boost her confidence to make her mark in the Olympics.

Well done Dipa and here is wishing you the very best for the finals. This is a game changer for Indian gymnastics and I am sure her performance would boost others of her tribe from our country to emulate her. Shobhaa De’s rotten tweet on members of the Indian contingent at Rio Olympics seems to have inspired our sportsmen to prove her in bad light. I won’t be surprised if Shobhaa De visits the airport lounge when Dipa Karmakar returns begging for a selffie with her to make amends for her baseless tweet!

S.N. Kabra

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