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Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2018

Take a note, BMC!

The BMC must first evacuate the hawkers from the streets and then start widening the roads. They cannot take away land and houses that belong to East Indians by force who are the original people of Mumbai. Grabbing land of East Indians is entirely wrong.

Jubel D’Cruz


Guest Control Order of 1960 is need of the hour

Considering the large-scale wastage of food-items in marriage-celebrations, some legislation like that of Guest Control Order 1960 should be there. The Union government should also study models of other countries like Pakistan where only soft drinks and beverages are allowed to be served in such functions. Even Afghanistan took measures to curb such mega-expenses on marriage-celebrations.

Apart from preventing the huge wastage of food, such steps will automatically check the ugly show of status through money in marriages which in the present era is becoming the root cause of aborting female foeticide because of money required to be spent in marriages of daughters.

Madhu Agrawal


Bring One-person one-constituency norm in budget-session of Parliament

Time is running fast for next elections to Lok Sabha with elections of several state-assemblies due in between. Successive central governments under different alliances have deliberately avoided massive and consolidated poll-reforms in last so many decades despite repeated recommendations of Election Commission and committees formed on the issue in name of (never-to-be-achieved) political consensus. It is despite the fact that not all bills in Parliament are passed by consensus.

At least some basic poll-reforms which require no discussion should be legislated in forthcoming budget-session of Parliament to cut down unnecessary expenses on by-polls. Any person must not be allowed to contest from more than one constituency or for both Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. Even Election Commission in an affidavit at Supreme Court has supported one-person one-constituency norm to contest elections. Faulty provision benefitted politicians like the then Delhi chief minister Madan Lal Khurana who while contesting simultaneously for both Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha openly said that he would retain assembly-seat.

Also a sitting MP or MLA must resign from earlier seat before filing nomination for the other except in case of dissolution or expiry of complete House. Since a person cannot be a member of both Parliament and state-assembly at a time, membership of an MP or MLA must be auto-terminated on a member taking oath as minister or Chief Minister in a state or vice versa to avoid complex situations like Atal Bihari Vajpayee government falling due to single controversial vote of the then Odisha Chief Minister Girdhar Gomano in Lok Sabha dragging nation unnecessarily into costly mid-term elections.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Fine and penalise govt for potholes and poor infrastructure

‘No plastic’ regime kicks off finally which is a good news for the environment but should not the BMC to be fined for potholes if citizens are fined if caught using plastic bags? Fines do act as the deterrent and bring in accountability as well as a responsibility which is the reason why BMC hired contractors should be taken to task for poor infrastructure in the city. Corruption rules roost in the city and should not every government official from the RTO or any other department be taken to ask for accepting bribes as well as favours.

Clean-up operation of Mumbai city be it plastic ban or corruption is the need of the hour and the commercial capital of our country should be an example for other towns and cities to emulate. Charity begins from home and every citizen should contribute their bit to keep the city clean, green and corrupt free without bothering about others if they are following the law. Accepting bribe is a crime and so is greasing palms and an honest regime would follow if people cooperate by being honest!



Rain returns

Mumbai monsoon is giving jitters to people this year also but fortunately rain started pouring from the weekend days. So, the office goers are not in much trouble this time. As the rain arrives, the woes continue to take toll. Trees fall, electrocution are major problem in this monsoon season. The Central Mumbai was immersed with water and the weather predictions came right for couple of days. The open manhole danger continues to haunt people wading through rain water in the streets. Drainage choking is the reason for waterlogging.  BMC failed to understand the crux of the problem and the initial rains caused water logging in many places. When it starts pouring cats and dogs, then we can imagine the position of the metro city. People risked their own life to come on the streets. It is time for the BMC to have more stringent measures and work round the clock with an emergency team during the monsoon rains.

CK Subramaniam


Plastic ban pays

Whatever said and done, the plastic ban is imposed in phases and it is very strange that some of the shop owners are refusing to pay fine despite dealing with plastics even after the cut off date. This is a sad state of affairs in the metro city. The Swachh Bharat initiative came into force in stages and people are getting benefited as the health concerns are reduced in this country drastically. The plastic ban is also going to give the same result with clogging of drainage will come down and we can water stagnation during the heavy monsoon rains. This will turn help to reduce cholera, dengue, lepto and other water borne diseases. Why is there apathy to follow the government guidelines on plastics of pay fine without any grumbling?  It is high time we realise our social responsibilities rather than resisting or flouting norms as per our own whims and fancies.

Nikhil Krishnan


Clean beaches in Mumbai on regular basis

The general experience of the beaches in India is very bad as the water is most polluted and highly dirty. Keeping dirt at the bay is a bad practice and it is time to clean our coastal areas regularly. The filth on the shores causes environmental danger and creates health hazards for people visiting this place.  We come across such spots are being badly maintained and we hate to go to that beach for the second time. Cleanliness is next to godliness and it is time to clean up the beaches in and around the city. Purifying the water on the shores can be done in a large scale on a routine basis to give the water a clean look.  For this to happen, people should help out the cause and make sure that rubbish is not thrown into sea water. Clean beaches within the reach of Mumbai are the need of the hour.

Arati Abhishek

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