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Lezim Maharashtra’s traditional folk dance

I really loved to see women play Lezim, Maharashtra State’s Traditional Folk Dance during the New Year of the State Gudi Padwa day in every nook and corner of the city even though it was somewhat politically motivated on the eve of General Elections 2014.  The Lezim Phungadi dances and their specific gestures, movements have been adapted by culturists, their exercises in the drive for “Body Beautiful”.  In Lezim dance there are various types of movements like stepping, hopping, squatting and bending.  Every movement of the dance is executed in perfect time with proper strikes, which is swung in four or eight counts. This provides a rhythmic accompaniment to the dance. In Phungadi dance the girls stand facing each other, crossing their arms they join their palms and lean back with their feet together, while doing so they outstretch their arms and whirl round as far and as long as they can and then parting ways to perfection. The statewide dance programme in colourful attire showed Maharashtra tradition. Lezim on the streets created the awareness of the folk dance to the people, who otherwise generally think about Bollywood actors dancing for Munni Badnam Hui, Sheila ki jawani etc.  However, it was really unfortunate as people planning to buy gold on the auspicious day were really disappointed as the shops were shut for the happy occasion. But this time with with Lezim around it was a great show on Gudi Padwa.

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