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Life changing beauty tips

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Beautiful-Face-WomanA small to-do or product can work miracles for your skin and hair. 

Indulge Yourself

There are several quick cosmecutical treatments today to give your skin instant glow, hydration and plumpness. My tried-tested favourite is the Infusion Treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes, and hydrates and brightens the skin instantly. It does not require any injections or fillers but is a salon-like budget treatment, that takes only 45 minutes. This treatment is done using special products – which are made with a synergistic combination of oxygen under pressure (Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen), hydration factors (Hyaluronic Acid), and ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants and amino peptides, which show visible changes in your skin after just one treatment. However, if short on time, here’s a quick homemade remedy that can help remove tan and brighten up your skin in minutes: Mix yogurt with lemon juice and honey. Apply it all over your face and body. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then shower off with warm water.

Drink Up

A recently acquired beauty trick I swear by – warm herbal juice. First thing in the morning, I drink a concoction of aloevera, wheat grass and amla juice mixed in warm water. It cleanses the system and makes me look and feel good all day long. I top this up with lots of laughter and physical activity.

Tress Talk

a) Shine On: Product buildup can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. Quick fix for this is the “beer treatment”; alcohol removes products that accumulate on the cuticles and hair shaft. Here’s how you can do it: Shampoo your hair. Gently towel dry it. Apply a cupful of beer to the strands. Cover with a shower cap for five minutes and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Your hair will immediately look shiny. This works especially well in the summer months.

b) Exotic Deep Conditioning: Mix avocado (available at gourmet food stores) with 1tbsp of a quality hair serum. Post-shampooing, smooth it onto hair from mid-length to the end of the strands, like a conditioner (applying it on the roots can leave a hard-to-clean oily residue; also tends to make hair look limp). Rinse off with water. It’s guaranteed to give you lustrous hair.

c) Natural Highlights: Squeeze out the juice of a whole lemon into a shallow dish. Get a new nail polish brush, dip it in the juice, and “comb” through your hair. Sit in the sun for 10 minutes. Then wash off. Do this once a week for salon-like natural highlights.

Double Impact

When it’s hot and humid, sunscreen can double up as a moisturiser and a sun protector; one with a silicone base could also act as a primer for your makeup.

Organic & Real

Don’t cover your skin with heavy makeup. Enhance your natural skin tone by applying a light-tinted moisturiser. Add a soft blush and nude lip colour for the perfect summer look.

Creative Use

a)  Petroleum jelly works well as an eye makeup remover. It gets rid of every bit of mascara without burning the eyes.
b)  I apply coconut oil on my lips every night. It makes my lips soft and smooth, and over time, removes dark patches, if any.
c)  If your lips are extra-dry, apply a lip balm just before putting on the lipstick. Dab off with tissue paper, then apply the lip colour.

Age, Just A Number

A great anti-ageing solution is a supplement known as Glorious. It’s a Japanese product with a natural ingredient called glucosamine, which beautifies the skin. Take one capsule orally every day. Besides this, apply a vitamin C-based serum during the daytime and a retino-based cream at bedtime. This makes for a complete anti-ageing routine.

Go Bold

When it comes to making a statement, nothing beats a red lipstick. It represents femininity and power; makeup must-have for all seasons.

Back to the roots
I believe in everything natural. A trusted tool for those looking for beautiful skin is the ancient Ayurvedic treatment – ubtan. It helps slough off dead skin, leaving it soft and radiant. Here’s my must-try homemade recipe:


Chickpea flour (kabuli chana powder), turmeric (haldi), milk, rosewater, a few drops almond oil, pinch of saffron (kesar) and a few mint leaves.


l. Make a paste of the chickpea flour, turmeric and milk. Put aside for 10 minutes, then mix in rose water and saffron. 2. Apply the paste in circular motions on moist skin (all over the body). 3. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. 4. Scrub off with lukewarm water. 5. Apply a nourishing moisturiser immediately after drying up. 6. Do this at least once in 15 days for skin that’s firm, soft and fresh-looking all-year-round

Know Your Skin
Every one has a unique skin type, so take time to understand it and buy products that suit you, and not what someone else is using. Look for ingredients such as vitamins C and E, as they help reduce spots, even out the skin tone, and also brighten it up.

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