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Malaysia Airlines jet mystery: Now, Vietnamese Navy says ‘yellow life raft’ spotted

jet-mysteryTwo days after a Malaysian Airlines jet disappeared mysteriously over South China Sea, the fate of the missing plane remained a mystery on Monday, with Malaysian aviation chief calling it an “unprecedented aviation mystery”, adding that a possible hijack couldn’t be ruled out.

After discounting the reports that the Vietnamese Navy aircraft had found the debris thought to be the missing jet’s door, Malaysia civil aviation chief, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, said that Malaysian ships were being dispatched to gather information on “something like an inverted life raft” spotted by Vietnamese authorities.

“We are contacting our counterparts, we are sending ships there to verify the object, the parts,” said the Director General of Malaysian Civil Aviation Department.

The Vietnamese Navy also rushed rescue choppers to close in on the “yellow” debris, which they presume, might be a life raft from the missing jet, Reuters reported.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam said that it was conducting search operations off Vietnam coast around the Tho Chu Island.

Earlier, Vietnamese Navy said that it had on Sunday afternoon stumbled upon the debris, thought to be the door of the missing Boeing 777 jet in sea, about 56 miles south of Tho Chu island in Vietnam.

However, the investigators couldn’t confirm the ‘debris’ as the darkness descended late Sunday night.

Speaking to reporters, the Director General of Malaysian Civil Aviation department Azharuddin Abdul Rahman sounded clueless saying, no parts of the missing plane were found yet.

“There are various objects that we have seen, but none of them at this moment have been confirmed to be from this aircraft,” he said.

He added that the possibility of a hijack couldn’t be ruled out as at least five passengers, who had purchased ticket and checked their baggage in, didn’t board the flight MH370.

“But we have to remove the baggage that they checked in,” he said.

“We are looking at all angles as to what happened to the plane…We are going through all records, all video footage to see who the passengers are,” said Rahmnan.

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