Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Malegaon terror suspects found innocent

It is a matter of great shame that the Anti-Terrorism squad picking up suspects with their criminal record and just punish them for nothing.  Now nine Muslims accused of 2006 Malegaon terror found innocent and the charges dropped on them after 5 years. The lengthy procedure of taking up terror probe first by ATS, then by CBI and followed by NIA all appeared ridiculous and needs to be reviewed.  Even innocent people are getting caught due to such a lengthy procedure.  Preparing 4500 page detailed chargesheet and then dropping the charges is one more case flouting of the rules of judicial system. Judge was right in calling the spade as spade.

We are cornored by the laws and going through a lengthy procedure take lot of time and after inquiry and calling witnesses. The latest ruling may help two convicts in 11/7 blast appeal come out free like the eight acquitted. The losses in the case may be somewhat serious and that not mean to punish the innocent also without proper reasoning. Now the focus shifts to right win and innocent people arrested got the reprive one last time.


Muringatherry Jayanthy

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