Mayawati and Mamta Kulkarni ruled the headlines and social media


The Bhartiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Uttar Pradesh unit Vice President Dayashankar Singh kicked off a controversy while accusing Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati of selling her party’s election tickets to the highest bidder. The larger controversy, however, came with his likening the former UP Chief Minister to a sex worker. His comparison drew sharp reactions across the party and on social networking sites. Even his comments rocked the Parliament. The opposition demanded his sacking from the party and Mayawati herself demanded his arrest. People with such mentality should not exist in politics. It’s true, but Dayashankar is not the first BJP leader who made such derogative comments on woman. It was started by Narendra Modi himself, when he addressed Sonia Gandhi as an “Italian Kutardi”, and Late Sunanda Pushkar as a “pachas karod ki girlfriend”. This party never respected any woman and, as we know, BJP is a male dominating party and hardly any female plays any role here. This male chauvinism has cursed its leaders, which are the reason; they have no control over their tongue and mind. Any woman or a sensible man can be hurt with such an offensive language. Dayashankar was newly appointed vice-president of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. BJP collectively tendered an apology on his behalf and suspended him with immediate effect from all the posts he holds, but with a rider.

Deeply hurt with the remarks, yet shown her boldness, Mayawati responded by saying “I did not marry and considered the entire country’s oppressed as my family. I have always followed my mentor Kanshi Ram’s advice to take [donation] from the underprivileged and not from industrialists.” Adding that the BJP was perturbed by the huge support her party was getting in Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati further stated, “What that BJP leader [from U.P.) has said, whatever he said it was not to me but to his sister and his daughter because people treat me like their daughter and sister. The country will not forgive the BJP for encouraging such people”. The controversy came at a time when the opposition was trying to corner the government over the beating up of four Dalit men in Gujarat for skinning a dead cow, with the House being repeatedly adjourned during the day.

Gujarat is already burning on Dalit atrocities, Rohit Vemula to Kanhaiya Kumar many Dalit issues already went against BJP, and somewhere party by their own deeds, conveyed a message that they are ‘Anti-Dalit’. Anyhow, BJP is known as party of upper caste Hindus, where minorities and Dalits hardly have any role.

Though this matter is yet to be settled, another woman hit the headlines. After disappearing from fame for years, old time actress Mamta Kulkarni revealed details about what made her quit the glamour industry at the peak of her career and bond with an international drug merchant since then. Mamta appeared on camera from Kenya and told about turning into a ‘yogini’ to an editor of a news channel. Mamta told, she visited Kumbh mela in 2013 and also took a dip in the Ganges in Hardiwar in the year 2012. She wants to return to India but the almighty can only decide on it. In June 2016, the Thane Police named Kulkarni as one of the accused involved in supplying ephedrine for illicit manufacture of methamphetamine to a Rs. 2000 crore international drug racket, intended for trafficking. Kulkarni, along with her partner Vicky Goswami and other co-culprits attended a meeting in an international drug ring in Kenya in January 2016. The matter is under scrutiny. Mamta discusses about how she first met flashy drug smuggler Vijaygiri Goswami alias Vicky Goswami at a party in Dubai. Vicky owned a hotel in Dubai named Dreamland where he used to host lavish parties and that’s where he was awe-struck with Mamta. After chasing her vainly for a couple of years, the actor herself one day decided to shift to Dubai. Vicky was then locked in jail. In Dubai, she led an isolated but a simple life. Her spiritual guru Chaitanya Gagangiri Nath advised her to go to Dubai in 2000 and meet Vicky. Vicky had then called her up and said that he was about to die.

Despite being successful, Mamta says she was never attracted to the glittering world of Cinema. But hers was a controversial roller-coaster ride that lived for a short span. She joined film industry under her mother’s influence and pressure.

Like in the past, Mamta has vehemently denied any involvement of her boyfriend or of her in running a drug cartel in India, especially in the Thane region where recently the police had busted a huge drug racket.

Mayawati, a hard working and successful leader who was dishonored and humiliated by BJP leader, was bold enough in giving fitting reply to him. She assured that, BJP will lose Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. She is a strong Dalit woman, who never shies away from the truth.

On the other hand, most controversial film actress, who caught in the shameful act, faced media by speaking only lies. The day ended with two major headlines, but exactly on a contradictory note.

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