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‘Mentaliser can use his powers to influence others’

Ehud-SegevEhud Segev is a very senior Mentalist and is registered with the Guinness Book of World Records. The market for Ehud’s shows is the USA and Europe and for the first time a Workshop format was brought to India. Our correspondent Prakash Jha spoke to Ehud about the qualities of a Mentaliser who can use his powers to influence others.

What do mean by Mentaliser and how can a mentaliser help a person in day to day life operations?


A Mentaliser is a combination of the words “mental analyzer”, someone who uses his mental abilities to analyse a person or a situation he is facing. By unlocking the secret knowledge and understanding how to “read” others you can gain much more control over your life by realising things you didn’t notice before. A Mentaliser has the ability to know if someone is genuine or not and have a deep understanding of what makes a person tick. He can use his powers to Influence others and therefore learning the secrets of the Mentaliser can really help any type of a leader: managers, politicians, teachers etc!

You have organised workshops in which countries? How was the response?

I have been teaching and presenting my knowledge worldwide and have so far done workshops and shows in over 30 countries. My biggest venues so far were Israel and the USA. In Israel, the ministry of foreign affairs hired me to teach my knowledge to the country’s ambassadors throughout the world! As a part of my passion to share this knowledge with the rest of the world I published two books so far who became a worldwide sensation. “9 Steps to Influence” and “Secrets of the Voice” both became amazon #1 bestsellers! Secrets of the Voice remained a #1 bestsellers from its day of publishing last year until today! I currently have over 10,000 students enrolled in my online course “How to be a Mentalizer” and the list keeps on growing.

What was the reason for you to do first of its kind workshop in India?

I always wanted to do this workshop in India because I love India and have spent a lot of time here. Some of my biggest clients are from India. In fact one of my biggest clients is from IIT. When I was approached for the “Secret to master you mind” event which is being presented by Fiona Moissanite for the first time in India, I was enthralled! I knew that this will be a one in a lifetime experience with me and Prahlad Kakar joining hands.

As a mentaliser what all can you do? Please share some techniques.
Bending fork or making things fly is become a norm for any Mentaliser event but one of the most important aspects of mentally analysing people is to let go of what we were programmed to do and try to capture more information which was never natural to us although it’s the most natural way of communication in nature! You see, we are too busy listening to the words that come out from someone’s mouth and registering what the words means – which is very important for communication but it lacks over 90 percent of the information that the other person is trying to tell us (or sometimes hides from us). In my workshop apart from the mind and the body something very interesting that I have added is the five elements of the Voice which are much more important than the actual words when you’re trying to communicate in the Mentaliser way! Those elements are the pace, pitch, tone, volume and rhythm. By analysing HOW someone speaks and not only WHAT they speak, we can truly see the entire picture much clearer!

When do you realise you possess the abilities of a Mentaliser and can anybody become a mentaliser if they wish to?

I’ve been studying these phenomenal communications and influencing skills since I was a little kid. I was always attracted to this field but I knew that there is nothing supernatural about reading someone’s mind or feelings. In fact – that’s the way it should be! Everyone must have the ability to mentally analyse the people around them because this is the only way our world can become a better, more understanding

place! So yes, everyone can be a mental analyser and Mentalise the people around him, and this is exactly what I am trying to achieve by having my workshops and books published!

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