Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Why migrate from heaven to hell?

Pakistan has reported that in the past five years they have granted Pakistani citizenship to 298 Indians who desired to migrate. They emphasised that it is difficult to obtain a Pakistani Citizenship. Pakistan and India cannot be comparable on any point. Our country is passing through difficult times but the kind of freedom enjoyed in India is not available anywhere in the world. If this is the case then why will anyone want to migrate from heaven to hell? Pakistan has the tendency to speak lies. Neither their leaders nor their actors can be trusted. Pakistan is recognised as a country that offers protection to terrorists. Which is why no cricketing nation is willing to tour Pakistan. Kashmiri separatists too have till date not left India because they are aware that they won’t even get half the facilities that they get in India. The economy of that country is running on the crumbs thrown to them by America. How, can they offer special facilities to their citizens? But the enemy does not forgo even one chance of belittling India. 

Jayesh Rane

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