Friday, September 17, 2021
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Mock and preach tactics of PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at his best and made his usual way of mock and preach tactics to silence the opposition. The command over Hindi language and the verses coming out in plenty he pitched a battle of wits at the opposition and make them spell bound. But the opposition is trying to hit back with vote count and it looks as though the Congress and other parties are fighting back to the wall in an uneven contest. Poet Nida Fazil famous ghazal came handy as he reiterated and ensured that paths do not change their course for anybody; if you can change yourself, please do. On the face of it there is a change in the texture of the parliamentary proceedings in this budget session. Gone are the chaotic disruptions, and the debates are finally taking place. But the acutely partisan divide on both sides of the aisle remains as entrenched as ever. It was just like a one sided game Team India plays against underdogs UAE or Afghanistan in a World cup game. The majority played a vital role in parliament and Congress is just a moot spectator.


Nickhil Mani

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