Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Modi government should walk the talk

There were more ‘misses’ than ‘hits’ in Modi government’s two years in office. The ‘achche din’ (good days) promised by our Prime Minister was a distant dream as the common man continued to struggle for his bread and butter. Debt ridden farmers are committing suicide with no suitable package to solve their plight. The rich are getting richer thanks to bank loans which seldom get repaid while PSU banks are almost bankrupt with rising NPA’s with no sign or chance of recovery. Low international crude prices were favourable for our economy but bad economics and governance was responsible for high inflation and rising prices as domestic crude prices went up due to increased excise and other levies on fuel prices. Prime Minister Modi trotted the globe and relations with foreign countries improved but it makes no sense when relations within India are strained. He should concentrate on improving relations with opposition leaders within the country instead of their counterparts from foreign countries.

However, there were a few hits as major infrastructure projects like roads and highways were constructed, railways saw a marked improvement. Modi is a charismatic leader apart from being popular. He has a clean image and his honesty cannot be questioned. Efforts are being made to curb corruption which is the cause of all evil. Two years is when the child learns to walk after crawling in the initial years. It’s time for the Modi government to now walk the talk and take some tough decisions which is good for the country. Modi should not take popular decisions which help in winning elections be it of State or otherwise but look at the bigger picture of speeding the growth and progress of our nation by measures that may not be popular but fruitful.

S.N. Kabra

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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