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Modiji encourages constructive criticism: Suresh Nakhua



Suresh Nakhua (@sureshnakhua) proudly calls himself a Hindu Nationalist. He is a staunched BJP supporter and trolls all those who attack @NarendraModi, BJP leaders, party or RSS on social networking sites or any issues related to the nation. He might be followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter but many media houses and journalists blocked him for his aggressive attacks. Even Twitter had suspended his account for 24 hours. Other than supporting BJP, he is a wholesale trader of pulses and a businessman like any other. In a straight conversation with our Group Editor Vaidehi, Mr. Nakhua opens up about his social media strategy, Modi and oppositions.

PM Narendra Modi is following you on twitter, how it makes you different from those who are not followed by him?

I feel proud and myself lucky that PM Modiji is following me on Twitter. It provides me an additional window to give feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. In fact, I was in the first lot of 170 odd people followed by Modiji (erstwhile Gujarat CM).

What’s your role and activity on social media for BJP?

I am a volunteer and a member of social media / IT cell of BJP. As a principle, we work as a one unit and don’t discuss individual roles in it. However, here I track media and expose their hollow, biased and agenda driven stories.

Why Modi’s followers are called “Bhakts” (Though, every political party has their own worshippers)?

The term “Bhakts” is being given by media with the help of other political parties’ supporters.  It’s like a sour grapes story. When the agenda driven news by media gets exposed by BJP’s supporters and volunteers, they retort by the cheap term.

There is a common notion that BJP and Modi supporters lose their cool and abuse people if they criticize their leaders. Sometimes, they don’t understand even the praises for their leader. Reason?

Constructive criticism is always welcome as it helps you to amend and/or modify your policy, style of working, conduct etc.  In fact, Modiji encourages constructive criticism.

However, in the name of constructive criticism, they are solving their hidden agenda. They are targeting a person from more than 14 years, who failed them in every ‘chaal’ (moves).

However, if media is not agreeing with the ideas of BJP’s or NDA’s likings, they are termed as ‘Presstitute’, ‘Bikau’ ‘Bazaaru’ and ‘paid’ by you people?

Presstitute is a term coined by Gerald Celente and often used by independent journalists and writers in the alternative media in reference to journalists and talking heads in the mainstream media who give biased and pre-determined views.

It is not a question of agreeing or not agreeing to our idea. It is about the bias and the agenda based news in mainstream media. Moreover, will it not be seen as a conspiracy, when you come to know that a celebrity anchor owns a Rs. 52 crore bungalow in NCR or when another celebrity anchor gets a plot allotment in Gwalior or when an offspring of yet another celebrity anchor gets medical admission under an NRI quota?

Many a times, they indulge in organised character assassination of some of the well-respected individuals in the society. Why to propagate the culture of hatred and push forward the right wing agenda?

In my opinion, society doesn’t mean only Lutyens’ Delhi and South Mumbai. People expose so called well-respected individuals by bringing to fore their duplicitous and hypocritical conduct. They may go overboard sometimes but there is nothing like hatred and targeted character assassination.

What is the definition of nationalists?

Nationalists means those who prefer the ‘NATION FIRST’. We consider the nation much above the government, party and self. When it’s a question of the nation, we don’t hesitate to criticize the party, government or any individual. Recently, when government was criticized hugely for just signing an MoU of Rs. 5 lakhs with an alleged anti-national media group, which was cancelled later after criticism.

We, at BJP believe in philosophy of Nation First, Party Next and Self Last.

When Modiji has strong vision of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”, then people like Hukum Singh spread false news and flop, what is your take?

As a party, we believe in ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ and we stick to it. And the fact finding committee of party did find the incidents of migration of Hindu families from Kairana.

AAP is a regional party and Arvind Kejriwal just began his political journey, whereas BJP is an old party and has a majority at the centre, then why to attack on such a small party?

Oh, here comes the question about Kejriwal’s Lok Pal Dal. Everyone should remember that this is a ‘New Age BJP’. No attack with vested interests will go answered.

Kejriwal, during his IAC days, had kindled lots of hopes in the new generation. After entering in politics, he magnified those hopes exponentially. Citizens of Delhi are still waiting for free Wifi, 15 lakhs of CCTV Cameras (that makes one CCTV camera per 12 citizens, making Delhi a Bigg Boss House, much promised schools and colleges etc.

Kejriwal, despite being on a constitutional position, is behaving in a childish manner and throwing tantrums just to be in limelight and news. And besides this, is allegedly spending Rs. 526 crore for media management. Let me clear one more thing that Kejriwal’s party is not even a regional party, albeit you can say it as one city party.

Do you think BJP could really finish Congress?

Anyway, Congress is now reduced to a regional party ruling only one major state. And with the news of Rahul Gandhi taking over the reins of party in his hands soon, days are not far when Congress party’s strength will be reduce to like National Conference (NC), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and DMK in current Lok Sabha.

Once Modiji refused to accept a skull cap from a community, and even today he never sported it. Whereas other BJP leaders, getting dressed like Muslim with scarf and skull cap, by greeting with salam, is it not appeasement?

Modiji refused to wear a skull cap and that decision was appreciated widely. If, I would like to say about other BJP leaders then we are a party where different viewpoints are not looked down upon. We are not like other parties which operate like family owned private limited companies or like individualistic parties where people are kicked out of the party for asking questions.

In BJP, everyone has a personal liberty as long as it doesn’t violate the discipline of the party.

Other than PM Modi, who is your favourite leader in BJP and why?

That’s a very difficult question to answer. Other than Modiji, I admire Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Giriraj Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Piyush Goyal, Arun Jaitley, Suresh Prabhu, Smriti Irani, Meenakshi Lekhi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Dr. Raman Singh, Devendra Fadnavis and many others.

Why is there too much attack on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley by Modi’s supporters?

Everyone has a personal opinion and has the right to it.

Where can we see you after 5 years in BJP?

I am quite sure that BJP has a great future, and I also have the same. I am a volunteer/karyakarta as of now and will accept any responsibility with which the party entrusts me with. I will try to fulfill it to the best of my abilities.

Any message to social media and our readers?

Always believe in the ‘Nation First’. Don’t let your personal prejudices for or against any individual affect your opinion. Never forget the principle of ‘Nation First’.

(Suresh Nakhua is a primary member of BJP and is attached to the Social Media Cell of it. The views expressed by him are personal and does not in any way be assumed as the official view of the BJP.)

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