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Modi’s website launched, endorsement for Congress

urdusiteThe BJP is trying to lure the Muslim community by launching the urdu version of the official website of its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi named Superstar Salman Khan’s father, Salman a renowned script writer launched the Urdu version of Modi’s website. Mr Khan, who has scripted Bollywood blockbusters like Sholay and Deewar, launched the website from his residence in Mumbai. He would be regularly contributing for the website which is interactive and user friendly.

“I share a personal relation with Narendra Modiji, so we launched the website at my place. But I will vote for Congress party. I like Urdu language. I had given the suggestion of this website to Narendra Modiji,” Salim Khan said.

BJP spokesperson in Maharashtra Shaina NC said “Salim saab is one of the finest writers and a great lover of Urdu. The fact that Modiji agreed to a website in Urdu only proves his inclusive approach and he wants to reach out to every section of the society.”

The website will be interactive where readers can ask Modi questions and give their comments too,” explained Shaina.
Opposition parties have always attacked the BJP for indulging in politics of hatred and fuelling communalism. Mr Modi himself has been targeted by the Congress in this election over the 2002 riots in Gujarat in which more than a thousand people were killed, most of them Muslims, during his first/second term as chief minister of the state. A Supreme Court inquiry has said there is no evidence that he did not do enough to stop the violence. A local Gujarat court upheld that finding.

Salim Khan’s family has always supported Narendra Modi and has defended him on the issue of Gujarat riots. He has said that Gujarat is a safe place under Modi’s rule as no riots have taken place since last 12 years in the state.
Referring to the 1992 riots in Mumbai, Salim had said that no one blamed the then CM for the deaths and said that no one even remembers the name of the CM under whose watch the riots occurred.

Salim Khan had even written an introductory note in a book titled Modi, Muslims and Media, endorsing Modi and blaming the media for his “anti-Muslim” image.

Few months back Salim Khan’s son Salman Khan had flied kites with Narendra Modi on the occasion of Makar Sankranti for promoting his movie Jai Ho. Salman did not directly endorse Mr Modi for prime minister, stating, “God will decide who is the best man for the country. May the best man win.”

Salman, had also gone on record to assert that there is no need for Narendra Modi to personally apologise for the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Modi later tweeted:

Narendra Modi ✔ @narendramodi

I thank Salim Khan Sahab for launching the Urdu version of my website

I congratulate & thank our volunteers for their efforts in creating the Urdu site. If you find mistakes or have suggestions, do share.

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