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Obesity is a modern epidemic

obesity3“Take action before obesity takes over”, says Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi who regards obesity as a modern epidemic. The statistics confirm that the death rate is 50 per cent higher if a person is 40 per cent overweight. He deems it as a disease or an underlying cause of many diseases and hence requires prompt medical attention. One can gauge the obesity level through BMI calculation. Certain numbers like 40 inches waist circumference in men and 35 inches in women indicates a risk factor. The causes preceding such numbers may be several. It could relate to one’s lifestyle like an inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, stress or addictions like alcohol and drugs. Although these can be altered, certain genetic, hereditary and Idiopathic causes (where the cause is unknown) can be a little helpful.

Obesity may also be a result of certain steroids and sedatives, lesions at the brain level or
hormonal imbalances like PCOD, Hyperinsulinemia etc. Eating right with regular exercise is the classic way of preventing obesity. Yoga, meditation and stress management can also work wonders. Eating right does not mean avoiding carbohydrates. This is the biggest myth as the brain uses glucose from carbohydrates as a fuel; hence a certain amount is a must. For healthy weight management, appropriate nutritional and a scientifically determined caloric value is required. A food for thought here is that starvation or skipping meals may in turn create hormonal changes that conversely contribute to obesity. Obesity management is not merely weight management and hence cannot be dealt with temporary measures. Simply going to the gym and other weight loss parlours without identifying the treatable causes is
mere foolishness.

At Amaaya™ Antiaging & Wellness Clinic, a patient is interviewed in detail about his past, family and occupational history, interpersonal relationships and any form of drug intake. His complaints are noted down following a thorough clinical examination to identify the root cause and related complications. Post this; the treatment is of prime importance and is administered with an individualistic approach of high quality care. It includes lifestyle modification, treating and balancing hormones and other medical conditions and pharmacotherapy. A non-surgical treatment like Zerona potentiates the effect of the overall treatment. Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi feels that doctors need to let the patients know about their complete health problems and the reasons of the approach taken for the treatment of the same. In his words, “Pound or inch loss is not the only goal. The objective here is to achieve a healthy and a productive life. The mantra is, fit in your favourite clothes. Look smart and feel confident”.

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi

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