Friday, July 30, 2021
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‘Officials now must identify themselves better on files’

The government officers in Maharashtra will now have to write their names, designations and the date while signing a file or putting any remark on it.

General administration department has issued a government resolution (GR) to this effect.

Name, designation and date will have to be mentioned while writing any remark on the file, so as to make it easier to identify, later, the officer who handled the file.

“At present, the officials only sign a particular file and put their remark….this makes it difficult to identify the official who put erroneous remark (during future inquiry),” says the GR.

“Some officials are in the habit of putting dates in ineligible handwriting, which delays the inquiry process. The new rules would help make the officials more responsible when he or she puts remark on a file in sensitive issues,” an official from the GAD department said.

The GR, signed by S M Sable, joint secretary, GAD, also states that if there are two or more officials with the same surname, initials should be written with the surname.

“Officials should follow the Union Government’s office manual in this regard,” the GR says.

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