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“Pakistan is Terroristan”

Every time terror strikes India, there is the usual wailing and breast beating.  Debates follow on how to hit back. Our selfish politicians have relegated national security to the back benches. All they are interested in raising their pay, creating controversies for vote banks and ways to loot the nation. The armed forces have been continuously degraded and humiliated in various ways. Every pay commission has systematically improved the status of the exalted civil services. There has not been any knowledgeable debate on national security.

We are saddled with two very hostile neighbours over on the look out to needle us. Hardly any politician is aware of the nitty-gritty of defence matters. The entire defence ministry is manned by the civil service gang which has never seen even the back end of a gun. Every defence procurement is riddled with swindle, scandal and scam. Vital requirements are stalled by ill informed selfish leaders. In such time of crisis, we have our political clan letting out a lot of hot air from both the ends. A dynasty fighting to keep control of UP failed in their last attempt miserably and lost out the rat race. Two southern states are embroiled over water sharing. The GOP is always out to downplay the government in power with their Hamlet shouting gibberish.

The mighty USA, now shedding crocodile tears on recent terror attacks, is indirectly responsible for creating a terror state. Right from the very moment, US has been mollycoddling Pakistan. The US was also instrumental in Pakistan becoming a nuclear power. It turned a blind eye to the interchange of technology between China and North Korea. As per latest notification Donald Trump says US may have to totally destroy North Korea as it is a threat to the world.

Just for the sake of it, the US keeps warning Pakistan during such incidents, which is never heeded to and this renegade nation continues its nefarious agenda, unhindered. For a long time the much wanted Osama bin Laden was kept well hidden by the Pakistan Army and ISI. Only now it has been realised how untrustworthy is its ally. India should have retaliated after the 2008 Mumbai massacre. Isolation hardly matters to them. The only answer is for the US to completely stop bank rolling a terror state and impose sanctions.  Pakistan is totally subsidised for misplaced American generosity. Once this dries up, the terror activities will dwindle and eventually come to halt.

US should withdraw all their military bases, all over the world, stop immediately holding live fire exercises along with the North/South Korean/Russia border and finally keep their noses out of every other country’s business and we might at last get some peace on Planet Earth. Warmongering is good for business and that is why the Americans have been perfecting it since world war and it made them very rich. India needs to handle both US and Pakistan tactically. In a sharp escalation of its attack, India slammed Pakistan at the UN for its support of terrorism, calling it a ‘terroristan’. Pakistan’s contribution to the globalisation of terror is unparalled. It is time to stop the terror tactics of Pakistan for its survival and condemn US for all its unwanted activities and actions.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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